Saturday, November 14, 2015

7 Ways To Tell A Girl Is Interested In You !

7 Ways To Tell A Girl Is Interested In You,man woman girl guy sunset beautiful romantic love

If a girl is interested in you, she may not come and directly tell you. It is for you to understand through her body language and well some subtle signs. It is a tough thing to decode this, but not so difficult. Listed are some ways to tell a girl is interested in you. Read on to know more on this.

1. If she fidgets in front of you
This is like a classic sign from her end. If she likes you, then definitely she would fidget with her hair, the dress or the accessory she is wearing. This is a sign of nervousness for most women. Well, if she is all cool and relaxed in front of you, then chances are she might not be too interested in you. So, it depends on her approach towards you.

2. If she chats with you
Not all girls are good at conversations, especially shy girls. If she chats with you continuously or find ways to talk to you, then you can be pretty sure that she likes you a lot. She wouldn’t have wasted her time in chatting, had she not been interested in you. If she wants to know you well, then she would also message you all through the day.

3. If she smiles and laughs
When you make a girl smile, she would fall for you. Well, this is just a statement to be true. If she likes you, then chances are she would keep smiling around you. You could be the reason for her smile. If she laughs a lot in your company, then maybe she is too conformable in your company, you will know if she likes you in a short span of time.

4. If she answers your call
If you are already friendly with her, then do take a note of this. If she answers your call in a single ring, then she is equally excited to speak to you. If she never ignores your calls or instantly call you back, she likes you a lot. This can also be seen in messages. If she replies to your messages instantly and with smiley’s, be sure that she is attracted to you.

5. If she dresses up for you
Have you taken a note on this? Is her dress up style changed a lot? It is possible that it is for you. If she all dressed up in front of you, then its obvious that she wants to attract you. This is again the most classic sign of falling for a guy. She would pay heed to her looks and well the dresses she wears in front of you.

6. If she is active on your profile
Everything is on social media sites today, even expression of love. Notice, if she actively follows your profile on social media sites. If she likes your every comment and post, then she really likes you. Chances are she would also post twitter messages just to impress you on a regular basis, which means she likes you.

7. If she is free for you
If you ask her a favor, and she is always free to do it, then she is definitely interested in you. For a girl, it is all about priority. When she likes a guy, that guy becomes her priority in life. It is possible, that you are a priority for her right now. See how things are heading and know about her reaction on this situation.

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