Saturday, November 14, 2015

6 Things You Should Say To Your Girlfriend

things-to-say-your-husband, Things You Should Say To Your Girlfriend

There are a lot of situations in life where you feel love and affection very strongly for a person, but are unable to express that either because you are shy or because you are not good with words. There are also those situations when your girlfriend constantly complains that conversations with you are not romantic enough. Well, we are not saying that you go all cheesy, look up for great quotes, memorize them and recite them to her. But you can at least express your feelings a little better, every now and then.

Listed here are a few things you should say to your girlfriend once in a while in order to keep her happy.

1. I Love You
It’s the most basic of phrases, but has the best impact on a person. Sometimes, as relationships grow older, we take them a little for granted and forget to say these basic three words to our loved one. Make sure you don’t forget it! Tell her regularly that you love her, and she’ll be the happiest girl on the planet.

2. I’ll Take Care of You / That
It’s important to a girl that her boyfriend looks after her in life. When she’s in trouble or when she is feeling low, just make her feel comfortable by telling her that you’ll be there to look out for her and will handle a situation or problem that’s bothering her. These are the most soothing and calming words ever.

3. You Are Beautiful
A woman feels on top of the world when her man tells her that she looks great. All the dressing that she does, all those salon visits and make up dilemmas are undergone to look her best, so that she can surprise you and take your breath away each time. Let her know that she succeeded; that she is indeed the most beautiful woman on this planet!

4. I’m Lucky To Have You
And there’s nothing fake in saying that, right? You indeed are very lucky to have an awesome girlfriend like her; then why don’t you let her know that? Make her feel extremely special by telling her once in a while that you are lucky to have her in your life, because there is really nobody else that matters to you as much as her.

5. You Complete Me
Sounds cheesy, yes. But when she is your better half genuinely, then you must definitely let her know that. It gives a different meaning and dimension to your feelings altogether and takes it to a whole new level.

6. I Can’t See You Sad/ Cry
And this will totally make her hug you! Girls love it when their boyfriends tell them this. After all, no guy would want to see his girlfriend upset or crying, and would want to be there for her, supporting and caring in all of life’s lows. Then just put it in simple words and tell her that, and she will know how much her happiness matters to you, instantly cheering her up and making her feel confident about her life and her relationship.

If you look at it objectively, these are actually some of the most basic things that you can say to someone. It so happens that in the mad pace of life, we forget to tell this sometimes to our partner. Make sure that you say these words regularly to your girlfriend to make her feel special and loved. Guys often tell their girlfriends how great they smell or how lovely their skin is or how great their voice sounds on the phone, but the things listed above are serious phrases that make her love you more and feel more assured about her relationship with you.

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