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How To Become Best Friends With Your Crush

How To Become Best Friends With Your Crush,couple indian man woman

When you have a crush on someone, it’s obvious that you can’t just walk up to that girl and tell her that you like her. She’d definitely think of you as a creepy and shady guy! However, what you can do is try and be friends with her. They say that the best of friendships often lead to love, and keeping that in mind, you should first try to gain her trust and faith and become a very good friend of hers.

Here’s how you can become best friends with your crush without making yourself come across as a fool!

1. Get to know of her interests
Engage in conversations where you get to know of her interests better. Then make sure you talk to her about those things to keep the conversations and interactions stimulating. If you talk about things that she likes to talk about, then she will have a good feeling about you because of the comfort that will develop. That’s one of the easiest ways of becoming friends with a person.

2. Be Yourself
Nobody wants to talk to people who are just show-offs or who lie about things. Be yourself all the time and don’t pretend to be someone else. Girls respect men who have their own strong beliefs and opinions. If you keep imitating someone else or try to be out of your comfort zone, you will kill your actual character and charm. Your uniqueness is what will make her like you, rather than you trying to fit in a stereotypical image of a good guy.

3. Avoid Being Too Personal
During conversations, make it a point to give space to her. Avoid asking too many personal questions, as that could make her feel claustrophobic. It could even make her feel that you are intruding too much in her private life. So make sure that in trying to be there for her all the time and taking care of her, you don’t overdo things and encroach in her private space.

4. Take It Slow
Yes, the whole idea of being best friends with her is to eventually tell her that you like her and probably get into a relationship. But you’ll have to take it slow to get to the final result. Just because she reciprocated your gestures a couple of times by asking you for dinner or giving you a gift doesn’t mean that she has started liking you as a boyfriend. You can’t misread her friendly or casual actions as she developing a liking for you. Take it slow and don’t be in a hurry to pop the question. Once you are sure of her feelings towards you, you can express yours to her.

5. Be Confident
Don’t be nervous. Yes, it’s easier said than done. But you have to calm down a little and be confident of the whole situation. If you are confident while expressing your thoughts and opinions to your crush, it is an instant charmer and works very well to make them friends with you. Confidence, after all, has great scope to lead to attraction.

Once your friendship has become relatively stronger, you can start with casual healthy flirting to see how she responds. You need to trust your gut feeling a lot here to be able to know whether she too likes you or not. As long as you have managed to be in her good books all this while without intruding in her space and without hurting her, chances are that she too would start liking you, and things could go somewhere positive.

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