Wednesday, November 25, 2015

7 Ways to Tell Your Parents About Her !!

7 Ways to Tell Your Parents About Her,happy family mother father son daughter

So, you have finally got the girl you want to be with forever and the girl also feels the same way about you. What next? It’s now time to tell your parents. Many people feel shy to talk to their parents regarding this matter, and yet, it has to be done. So, here are 7 steps which will help to lower the strain and assist you in speaking to your parents without creating any awkward moments or embarrassment.

1. Be confident
Many a times, guys reveals this matter to their parents in a manner as though they have stolen something or committed a sin. Remember, liking a girl or even being in a relationship isn’t a crime, and it definitely isn’t something that you should be ashamed of. Hence, have a confident tone when speaking. They are your parents and they surely understand you.

2. Talk when they are alone and free
Talk to your parents when you can be alone with them and there are no guests at home. Also, make sure that they aren’t really busy doing some other work. You really don’t want to be disturbed while having this conversation, and obviously you want all their attention. This way, you can go through the entire discussion at one go and not have those tense and prolonged waiting moments for your parents to say something.

3. Begin with the place
Start by talking something about the place where you meet/met this girl, such as school, friend’s place or something else. Say how much you like it there and how much fun you are having. Create a positive vibe and atmosphere. Don’t be in a hurry.

4. Talk about the girl
Once a steady discussion has progressed, introduce the girl in your talks. Start with the name and then say that the two of you like each other. Don’t be too shy or too bold. Maintain a steady pace. Tell them the reason why you like this girl so much.

5. Talk about her good qualities
You like this girl for your own reasons, but obviously you cannot expect your parents to like her for the same. So now, bring in things that parents usually like. Tell them all about her good qualities. Say, she gets excellent grades, or she is a brilliant cook, or she is a very calm and yet fun person to be with.

6. Show them her snap
This is one discussion of your life where you really don’t want to be silent. Silence can be awkward, and at the same time it could show your lack of enthusiasm. When you have said all that you have to, show them her photo. Notice their expression. Ask them if they feel she’s amazing.

7. Reveal your happiness
Nothing is more important for a parent than their child’s happiness. Hence, show them the joy you have in your heart. Do not hide it. The happier they see you, the more will they like this girl. For any questions that your parents ask you about her, answer them in detail. Try to maintain a happy atmosphere rather than a tense one. It’ll be easier for you as well as your parents. Do not be scared. Your parents have expected this day from the moment you were born. So just go ahead.

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