Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5 Ways to Keep Her in love Forever !!

5 Ways to Keep Her in love Forever,happy couple man woman girl beach sea nature holding hands

You are in love with her and have got to the point where you feel that you are serious enough to make the commitment. You ask her out and then you get married. If only life was that simple, everyone we meet would have a happy ever after story to tell their grand kids. Sadly, reality does not work that way and you have to really work hard to keep the relationship going. And one of the major things you have to do to keep a relationship going is to keep the love going. It is a difficult task to keep her in love with you forever, but it is also not impossible. Here are a few ideas to help her fall in love with you and maintain that love forever.

1.Stay true to her
No matter what happens in your life, you should always stay true to her. A lot of women value honesty and trust in a relationship more than anything else. So whatever it is that you are up to be honest with her and stay true to yourself and her.

2.Giver her space
She might love the fact that you adore and shower her with love. As much as it is important t love her and let her know it, it is equally important that you give her space to do her things. Encourage her to go out and get a life that does not include you. She will appreciate you a lot for this and also love you forever.

3.Never cheat on her
More than the physical aspect of cheating or the emotional cheating, it is the betrayal and the resultant shame of the last person to know is what makes women angry. It mostly is their pride and ego that gets hurt. Even if they stay with you they will never love you the same way. So if you want your woman to stay in love with you forever, you try your best not to cheat on her.

4.Keep reaffirming your love
Women complain about men that the love they have changes after the marriage or after the commitment process is over. Do not let your woman feel this way. Keep doing small things to let her know that you love her more every single day. When she feels assured of your love, she too will reciprocate the same way. Mostly in love, what you give is what you get.

5.Cherish her
It is not enough if you feel all the love and not tell her. Love her and cherish her and do not bottle up your feelings or take her for granted. If you love her, let her know how you really feel. It doesn’t matter even if you are in the 40th year of marriage. Women always love to be told that they are loved and cherished.

If you want her to love you forever, you need to be prepared to love her forever too. A relationship works both ways and you need to give enough to get what you want out of her.

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