Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5 Tips to Turn Off a Woman !!

5 Tips to Turn Off a Woman,jealousy break up divorce sad woman girl bad relationship

Searching for top turn offs for women? Here goes the never ending list – from messy hair to stinky feet, bragging to flirting, and roughness to rudeness – everything men do, has an impact on women. So, if you are looking at what turns off a woman, it is quite easy. Read on to find out top 5 tips to turn off a woman.

1. Just ignore her
Try this one and you need not wait for long. Your woman will be turned off instantly if she feels you are ignoring her. Women are attention seekers. They always expect their partners to pay attention to their slightest concerns. When men act as if there are other things more important to him than what she is asking for, women get miffed. This becomes even more complicated in relationships where men cared for their women too much during their earlier stages of bonding.

2. Set your eyes on someone else
One of the quickest turn offs for a woman is when her man has his eyes hooked on other women. Some men simply cannot digest this fact, as for them there is no harm in having a wandering eye on other women. When you talk to your woman and focus your attention on other women around, it is considered as one of the most disrespectful conducts from your side.

3. Act like a control freak
If a woman even slightly feels that you are controlling her, it can turn her off. Forcing on her something that you like – a book, food or drinks, persuading for another kiss, when she just wants to leave, or even expecting her to react the way you like are all factors that can intimidate her. No woman likes to be controlled, and if you do it, you are disrespecting her boundaries.

4. Maintain poor hygiene
Women are very particular about hygiene when it comes to their men. Clean feet and body odor, may not matter to you much. But, women notice everything, especially these two factors. Your looks, your odor, your dressing and your overall cleanliness matters a ton to her. If you are a messy build, it is the biggest turn off for your woman.

5. Brag a lot
Women hate bragging. So, men who waste a woman’s time with self-admiration are turning her off. She cannot take it when your self-adulation crosses a limit. It becomes a real bore when she is made to listen to those dragging talks about your great job, high salary, expensive cars, female admirers, latest gadgets and the like.

Your rudeness or coldness to situations, bad pick-up lines, bad table manners and habits like nose picking, burping or slapping her bums are other huge turn offs for women. So, it is quite easy to turn her off if you intend to do it. And if not, be careful of these warning factors.

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