Friday, November 13, 2015

7 Tips For Men To Understand Women Better

7 Tips For Men To Understand Women Better,woman girl kiss a guy man romanticly

Men often find it difficult to impress women or for that matter understand women. It is not as tough as you think it is. There are many ways through which you can understand a woman and well get closer to her heart in life. Listed are some tips that you can follow through, do read the post.

1. Express your feelings
If you express your feelings, you would know what is in her mind. Just express your feelings in any form. It could be a simple conversation or maybe a hug from behind. A simple kiss on the cheek is enough to melt her. The way you do it is important because she will reciprocate in a similar way or maybe some more.

2. Share the responsibility
She would love you if you share her responsibility in life. If she tells you to do something, then go ahead and do that task. And, if she looks tired, just go and offer your help. When you will share her responsibility, you will share her life as well. She may feel blessed to have a partner like you in her life, which would make her feel proud.

3. Pampering is important
Women just love to get pampered all the time. They may not express it, but this is a universal truth. So, pamper her in the best possible way that you can to understand her in a better way. Make tea for her or bake something for her. Book a spa session for her so that she gets relaxed and rejuvenated. She would love you for sure.

4. Give her the time
She may need that space and time, so it is important that you give her the ‘me’ time. Let her go for vacations with her girl gang. Let her enjoy her life her way. And, if she is in the mood to sit all alone, then simply leave the room and go. She would love you more because you would know her state of being in life.

5. Reply back
Call her back if you are busy or if you could not answer her call. If you don’t do that, she may feel bad. So, don’t ignore her calls and answer all her calls. If you can’t pick up the call, simply use chat apps to stay in touch. She loves you so she may be worried about you. You need to understand her feelings and respect her dearly.

6. Know what she likes and dislikes
If she knows everything about your likes and dislikes, you must also do the same. If you don’t know anything about her likes, then ask her. Do what she likes doing and she would really feel good. Also, keep a sound knowledge of her dislikes in life. Knowing her well is like understanding her in a much better way in life.

7. Don’t hurt her
She may expect an honest behavior and well respect from your end. So, don’t hurt her with your behavior. Don’t lie to her without reason. Don’t disrespect her or abuse her. You must love her the way she is in life. That will get you closer to her. It is important that you make an effort from your side to understand her. This is not so difficult in life, so do your best.

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