Friday, November 13, 2015

14 Tips To Be A Great Father

14 Tips To Be A Great Father,man carry child boy kid

A father is a child’s first hero is not simply a cliché but has great doses of truth in it. A father is a role model, a friend, a confidante and will continue to be one for as long as he lives and beyond. He is your comfort zone; sees you through failures and successes and takes more pride than you in all that you achieve. But, some fathers seldom recognize the pleasures of watching their child(ren) grow into responsible adults for whatsoever reasons. Here, are some simple tips for those fathers to become a greater one.

1. Put your little ones’ interests much before yours. Your boy wants you to take him to cycle or skate; go with him. It’s not going to be too long before he’ll want to do it independently.

2. Take care of your health, so you’ll have the strength and emotional zeal to grow up with your children.

3. Protect them and offering protection is perhaps the first and foremost duty of every father. Every child is helpless and caring for them is what a dad can do best.

4. Find spare time to spend with them. It may be difficult to find quality time amongst your working hours but make sure you play and talk to your children for a reasonable time at least every day. The touch of a father cannot be replaced.

5. Read to them. Moms do but dads do it differently. They can manage to pull out more giggles in a ways that only fathers can.

6. Understand that when it comes to children; there are no duties that are built exclusively for moms and dads except the limitations imposed by nature and science. Be a mom when you can be one.

7. Support your little ones’ mother and teach them what it is to respect and care for a woman and that helping around in very important for every member of the family.

8. Teach them why money and other resources cannot be taken for granted and life’s luxuries will only be if we know to safeguard them.

9. If every father thinks that spending time with children, regardless of their age, is not a chore or obligation and rather fun and essential; you will automatically become a delightful dad.

10. Be there when you child stumbles or falls. Help them to get on their own legs and instill the sense of spirit and independence in every child.

11. Support your children in their endeavors and correct them when they are wrong.

12. Disciplining a child is as much a father’s task as much as it is a mother’s. But learn to discipline with love. Punishments can be replaced by meaningful rewards. The point is to drive home a good message to your children and do not use fear as a medium to achieve that.

13. Show to your children the love you have for your parents and how supportive you are to them not just in words but in actions. Let this be their lesson to be compassionate towards others.

14. Stop taking out your work or other frustrations on your family and more so your children. They are innocent and they absorb all that they see, hear and feel.

Being a dad is not an easy task. Here’s to all the best dads in the world.

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