Friday, November 13, 2015

Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

Pros And Cons Of Online Dating,guy man use computer laptop cafe internet

Online dating is interesting if you know all the tricks and tips. Online dating can be risky if you don’t pay heed. But, you can also get the love of your life through online dating. Listed are some pros and cons of online dating that you must know. Read on to know more on this.


1. Online dating gives you access. You can select any dating site and all the profiles under the same. As you have an access to dating sites and profiles, it acts as an advantage.

2. One biggest advantage of online dating is the options you get. You can choose from many potential profiles. Screening of profiles is simple. Just make your profile and start screening the ones you like. Contact profiles which you think are genuine.

3. Gone are the days when you used to visit a bar for finding a date. Online dating has made life a tad more simple. You don’t need to hop a bar to find interesting dates. Just click a genuine online dating site and simply get started. The video chat option can be wonderful if you want to talk to your date in person. So, there is flexibility for sure.

4. Online dating gives you the comfort level that you need. When you contact your date, you also chat with your date. So, you get to know your date first as against traditional blind dating system. If you find your date interesting, you can arrange for a meeting. Well, if not then simply forget about the person. So, it is as easy as it sounds.

5. It is a great experience to date someone online. Like, you don’t know anything about the person but still you want to know. There is a connection of the sort with online dating.

6. You don’t have to guess about your date. So, in a way there is no apprehension in your mind about the date. Everything is transparent and clear in online dating.

7. You can find anything about your online date on Facebook and Google. Yes, you can get any information you want from these sites. So, this is actually an advantage because you get to know a lot.


1. Online dating may not be so safe because of fake profiles. You actually don’t know about your date. So, there is always a hesitation regarding the fake profiles. You have to check for true profiles.

2. If someone makes a profile for fun, then this can also affect your dating chances. What if you like a profile, but she is just not interested in you. So, you really don’t know the difference between true and fake.

3. One flip side of online dating is; it lacks the element of excitement. When you contact someone online, you chat with her. So, you know everything about her. There is no excitement as such when you meet her for the first time. Like, you already know about the likes and dislikes so there is nothing much left to talk about.

4. Blind dating is fun because there is an element of suspense in it. You don’t know whom you will date. You don’t know how she would look? All these things are defini tely missing in online dating. When you arrange for a meeting with your online date, you don’t really get that surprise seeing her, as you already know a lot about her.

5. If you know a lot about your online date, then this can also pose a problem. You heard that right! There should be a level of compatibility with online dating. Too much of everything can spoil the fun for you. You may not really be interested to know your date further. Or, for that matter even talk to her.

6. There is another disadvantage of online dating. If you like a girl and she lives in some other country or maybe some other place, then it will be difficult to relocate for you. So, this can also spoil the fun of online dating.

7. The freedom to choose your date may be great, but you may not get that high to date in person. So, if you are a mystery person you can opt for casual dating. If you are looking for long term love or commitment in life, then online dating might not work well for you.

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