Saturday, November 14, 2015

7 Signs A Virgo Girl Is Serious About You

7 Signs A Virgo Girl Is Serious About You,man holding woman lovers hold each other

Virgos are hard to please because they are too practical by nature. Virgos are also very moody by nature. You can’t expect all romantic tricks to impress a Virgo girl. If you are dating a Virgo girl, then listed below are some signs a Virgo girl is serious about you. Read the post below to know.

1. If you are her true friend
For Virgos, it’s the emotional connect that matters the most. If she is close to you, then she would rely on your emotionally. She will reveal all the things which matter to her. She will speak her heart out. You can be sure, that she really likes you and she is serious about you. No way would she get close to you otherwise.

2. If she is shy with you
Virgos are shy in expressing their feelings. So, in all possibilities, she would feel shy of you. If she blushes in front of you or even stammer while speaking to you, she is in love with you. She might feel good in your company, but she may not express it openly. Be sure, that she likes you a lot.

3. If she respects you
Well, respect is a mutual thing. But, it is a lot more for Virgos. If she respects you as a person, then she really likes you in the same way. She would do everything to make you happy. She would go out of her way to make you smile through her special gestures in love. This is kind of a serious thing from her side at least.

4. If she speaks from her eyes
Virgos love to connect on an intellectual and natural level. Just look deep into her eyes and you would see that hidden love for you. You heard that right. If she is serious about you, she would look at you with some loving passion. It is easy to know through body language. These are some hints, which would actually help you.

5. If you are compatible
Well, compatibility matters a lot. If she is comfortable in your company, then she likes you a lot. If she likes you, then she would spend hours talking to you. So, it is all about the compatibility that you share. If she is serious about you, then she would freely talk to you or love you for what you are.

6. If she does small gestures
Virgos are really good with gestures. If your girl likes you, then she would do everything to make you happy. Like small gestures to make your day or make you smile. She would write a poem or sing a song to impress you. Be sure that she loves you a lot. Had she not been serious, she would not do so many things to impress you. Virgos are not easy to impress and express, do keep that in mind.

7. If she is affectionate
Virgos are truly compassionate and affectionate by nature. If your girl is affectionate and loving, then be sure that she is looking at long term commitment. She would care for you in an extra special way. She would do things to please you. She would also accept your likes just to make you happy.

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