Friday, November 13, 2015

10 Things You Should Look For In A Wife

10 Things You Should Look For In A Wife,future wife,bride,groom

Every man has some pre-conceived notions on who or how his wife should be. While a lot of them are built out of relatively no experience or least situational; these notions ride you until you get married. But marriage changes lifestyle, personality, attitude and responsibilities and with that the pre-conceived notions take a hit. Hence, it makes sense to draw up a list of attributes that are not just practical or sensible so that life can be beautiful and stay that way right from day one and continue all the way through.

Here is a list of things every man should look for in his wife.

1. A woman that shares your beliefs if not all of your likes and interests is someone that can be your life-long companion. Different interests and likes are natural but conflicting beliefs and values can be tough.

2. When you are getting married, you are not just seeking a friend; a soulmate or a partner on bed; And for just these qualities; you don’t need to get married necessarily. Marriage is an exchange of vows and vows that both of you need to live by. So, enter into holy matrimony only if you are completely committed to it.

3. Seek an independent companion. It makes life for the two of you more peaceful and happy. A sense of liberty is essential for either of the sexes to make a relationship really work.

4. Find a partner that can appreciate your likes and dislikes as much you’d respect hers. It is important for both partners to understand that interests and preferences can be different and hence both should learn to respect and appreciate each other’s likes better.

5. Laws of attraction should work mutually. A man should find a partner that he’s attracted to physically and emotionally and so should be the case vice versa for the relationship to prosper in the long term.

6. Finding a supportive partner is of primary importance. Someone who can stand by you when you need them the most. Even the strongest of men need a comforting shoulder to lean back on and a loving wife that can do that is a true blessing.

7. A strong woman can run the family, take care of the child and provide for her own needs. And she will also derive the strength from the love and care her husband has to offer. So, it is important to find a strong partner that can harness your love and support the family as much as you do.

8. There is nothing like anything when your partner is your best friend. Someone you can share your ups and downs with and yet not be judgmental about it. Someone that will not constantly criticize or nag you and respects the need for space.

9. Loyalty is a quintessential ingredient. If the partners aren’t sexually or emotionally faithful to each other; the very foundation on which the relationship is built does not exist. Make sure your girl is faithful to you as much as you are to her.

10. A partner that can get along with your family and friends is very important so that the bonding is complete, happy and peaceful and for that to happen; you need to ensure you are equally at ease with her family and friends.

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