Saturday, November 14, 2015

7 Romantic Gestures That she’ll Love !!

7 Romantic Gestures That she’ll Love,couple love,romatic

Simple romantic gestures can melt her heart! When you do something special for her, she would feel loved and wanted. Actually, every girl has a secret desire about romance and bonding. Do something you have never done before and surprise her more. Listed are some gestures you can start with. Read on to know more.

1. Love notes
The idea of love notes might sound clichéd to you, but it still works the best. Write cute love notes and leave on the places she can find from. Let her discover the notes and read the language of your love. Write a romantic poem for her and read it out. She would definitely feel special and loved with this wonderful gesture of yours.

2. Make a playlist
If she likes music, then make this more romantic for her. Take a note of all her favorite romantic numbers. Just compile those numbers and make a play list of all the songs. When you would tell her about it, she would feel great. You can also play the same playlist for a cozy romantic dance with her. Try it soon and see the difference.

3. Make a collage
The easiest thing you can do to make her feel special is to make a collage. Collect all your romantic and best pictures with her. Now, make a picture collage out of those pictures. Use a frame or an album. When she would see the wonderful picture memory, it will make her blush and smile for sure. She would thank you for the beautiful gesture of love.

4. Cook for her
This can be really romantic if you are not regular at cooking. Cook a surprise meal for her. Like, her favorite dish and her favorite dessert. You can also arrange for a romantic dinner with the meal you cooked. When she will see your effort, she would feel really blessed to have you in her life. This would really be a romantic gesture to remember.

5. Do some chores
Do you know if you help her with her chores, this would be the best romantic gesture for her. Help her with the cleaning task or other home tasks. Help her with the washing part. While doing this indulge in some playfulness too. The idea is to spend some cozy moments together with her, this will surely melt her heart.

6. A great massage
If she looks tired, then offer a lovely massage to her. A soft massage at the back would relieve all the stress for her. If she is in the mood, then give her a sexy massage. You can also use some lovely oils to give her a sensuous back massage. This can be romantic and cool at the same time. So, do heat up on things.

7. Say I love you in different ways
Simply tell her I love you in different ways. Like, by playing with her hair or giving a peck on her cheeks. Love is the best form of expression. Say I love you in the different language as well to make this more romantic. Whisper the three magic words in her ear and she would melt in your arms for sure. Your expression would make all the difference.

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