Thursday, November 19, 2015

7 Signs She is Dating Another Guy !!

 Signs She is Dating Another Guy,man woman fighting sad

Is everything perfect in your relationship? Does your girl care for you? Is your girl hiding something? What if she is two timing you? There is a possibility that she is dating some other guy. Do you wish to know if she is dating another guy? Then, check some tell-tale signs right here.

1. She constantly talks about a new friend
If your girl constantly talks about a new friend in her life, then she might also be close to him. If you ask about her friend, and she ignores the topic, it is possible that she is hiding her new found love. There are chances that she is dating her friend in spite of being in a relationship with you. Sounds too tricky? Confront her to know the truth.

2. She keeps nagging
If she keeps nagging for no reason at all, then it shows her dissatisfaction towards you and the relationship. Your otherwise sweet words are now hurting her ears. If she tells you that you need to change, then it is possible that she has already changed her love interest. If she would have really loved you, she wouldn’t have behaved in such a way.

3. Her priority has changed
Is she taking your calls as she used to before? Does she speak in the same tone as before? If she tells you ‘no’ for every date you plan, then she is out of love. Her priorities have changed and her liking as well. It is possible that she is dating some interesting guy and cheating on you. Talk to her if you want to know the truth.

4. She looks different
Does she look different these days? If there is a change in her appearance, then it might be for the one she is dating. If you ask her about her changed look, and she tells you that she needs space, then in all odds she is cheating on you.

5. She reacts differently
Earlier your touch would make her feel good. But, if there is a difference in her reaction of late, then she is cheating on you. If she abstains from your touch or sex, then she has already decided something else. She may not feel good about your touch, because there may be some other guy in her life.

6. She ignores you
If she tries to ignore you, then naturally there is something which is going on in her mind. Had it not been for her cheating behavior, she would have behaved normally with you. If she is ignoring you, your calls and your messages, then she may be cheating on you. There is a possibility that she is dating someone else. Confront her if the ignorance lasts longer, because it is better to end your relationship rather than suffer.

7. She lies to you
This is a classic sign that proves that your girl is dating some other guy. If you notice her lies very often, then she is definitely hiding things from you. Ask her why she is lying; if she has a red face, then you know that this relationship is heading nowhere. End it on a good note rather than sulking for long.

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