Wednesday, November 18, 2015

5 Reasons Snooping on Your Wife is Wrong !!

5 Reasons Snooping on Your Wife is Wrong ,man ,spy, spying

You may think that spying or snooping on your wife or girlfriend is not something very serious, since you just want to make sure that things are what they appear to be. But it is totally wrong and will cause emotional problems that snowball into bigger issues. Here are five reasons why you should never snoop on your wife.

1. You will drive your wife crazy
Nobody likes their personal space being violated. So, even if you think you are right, you are likely to drive her crazy if she finds out about your snooping. Even if she is cheating on you or doing something that she is not sharing with you, the moment she finds out you have been snooping and spying around, there will lengthy and terrible arguments.

2. You are likely to break your wife’s trust
After snooping around, if you find that your wife has done nothing wrong and she finds out you have been spying around – you are in big soup. She will never trust you again and will likely wonder what else you are capable of. She will always watch over her shoulder and will never share her secrets with you. You will lose her emotionally even if she continues to stay in the marriage. You don’t want that, do you?

3. Open communication is much better than snooping
Sometimes all that is needed in a tricky situation is open communication. Have you tried speaking to your wife about your concerns? Try telling her how much she means to you and make her realize that she can open her heart to you. Make her comfortable and that will end your nagging worry and you might not lose her too. Doing so has higher chances of her confiding in you; and you will realize that snooping around was such a foolish act.

4. She may start snooping on you
If you have spied on your wife and she gets to know it, she may also want to snoop around and find out your skeletons. Most people will turn around and return the favor. So now you will be in bigger trouble because if you are hiding things from her, she is likely to stop at nothing to dig it all up.

5. There can be a fight back and legal action
Some people feel very threatened when spied on and if your wife feels that way, she is likely to take offense and even take legal action against you.

A marriage is a beautiful commitment where trust plays a vital role. If you think something is wrong with your wife, confronting her directly is always a better option.

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