Thursday, November 19, 2015

5 Signs She is Keeping You as an Option not a Priority !!

So you have been dating this girl for quite some time, things seem too good and hopeful, but then yet something seems out of place. There is something that is missing. She is not exactly the girl who you had fallen in love with. Slowly but surely, she appears to be drifting apart. Is she avoiding you? Has she gotten over you? Or has she been keeping you only as an option, right from the beginning? How would you know? There are some tell tale signs to look out for to figure out if such is the case. Listed here are the top 5 signs that will show that she is keeping you as an option, not a priority.

1. She does not reciprocate your affection
If you have been making romantic advances towards her and she seems to have been ignoring them, she might not be serious about the relationship as much as you are. She does not reciprocate your feelings and emotions for her, even when you show your affection for her. Even so, if she is still dating you, then she might be just keeping you as an option or a plan B.

2. She dates other men too
Though she is dating you, she also goes out on dates with other men. She may not be sure about you being her life partner, but she is definitely keeping you only as a second option if she is also trying out other men to see if they fit the bill better. If she dates many other men including you, you are most certainly not a priority.

3. She is too busy
She is almost never available and too busy to find time for you. But still she does, when perhaps all her other dates are busy or have dumped her. Probably she spends time with you only when she needs some company and is feeling bored. Also, she could be considering you only as a friend unless she is convinced that she cannot get a better guy than you.

4. She continuously asks for favors
She could be keeping you only as an option if she constantly asks favors from you, and of course, you are more than eager to do them. But get cautious, because she may only be using you to get her job done and has no real respect for your feelings towards her.

5. She is sarcastic and disrespectful
Whenever you are with her, she does not treat you with as much respect as exists between lovers. She is mostly curt in her temperament as far as you are concerned. She passes sarcastic remarks about you or about anything you do or say, and makes you feel worthless by speaking disrespectfully of you. If she acts in such a way, then be assured that you are not her priority and maybe she is just keeping you as an option, and thus she is still going around with you, just in case.

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