Wednesday, November 18, 2015

7 Signs She is Bored With You

7 Signs She is Bored With You,woman hate man girl guy

Emotions are precarious and prone to changing. It’s difficult to put a finger at the exact moment when the fun and giggles exited the relationship and monotony settled in. Most people don’t pop the question, fearing things to get worse. Here are 7 signs she is bored with you.

1. She does not reply to text messages promptly
Remember the days of your enthusiastic text message exchanges? Well if she’s bored now, receiving a text from you no longer bursts a bubble in her heart and she will probably take her own sweet time replying to it. Texting becomes much less frequent than the earlier days, not to forget, abrupt too. The “I love you” will subsequently scale down to “i luv u”, “lve u” or anything shorter than that, if possible.

2. She does not like PDA anymore
It’s not necessary for everyone to like PDA and there are many women who don’t like it in general. However, if your girlfriend has never really had a problem romancing in public in the past, but has suddenly started behaving like the touch-me-not plant, then you have reasons to worry about. It’s quite obvious; if she no longer has interest in you now, she also no longer has any interest in getting physical or touchy with you, especially in the public eye.

3. She makes no effort to look her best
She no longer gives in that extra effort in looking good for you. It’s true that as some time passes, a level of comfort sets into the relationship and partners no longer feel the pressure to look good in front of each other all the time. However, that’s different from putting no effort at all, even for special occasions. If she doesn’t bother to comb her hair, stops caring about personal grooming and prefers staying in her shabby pajamas the whole day, then maybe she’s showing signs of being bored with you.

4. She avoids meeting up
She cancels your dates frequently on the pretext of some errands or health problems like headache, stomach ache, stiff neck but nothing too serious that will get you worried enough to call the doctor.

5. She doesn’t mind you missing important dates
She won’t kick up a fuss if you forget the special days. In fact, somewhere inside it would make her happy that you two are naturally growing apart.

6. She encourages you to meet your friends
Your girlfriend suddenly starts encouraging you to go out more and more with you guy friends, something that she never really approved of before. Well, anything to keep you from sticking to her all the time.

7. She engages in monotonous conversations
Conversations become monotonous if people in a relationship are bored. You will probably find yourself being asked the same questions almost every day when you get back from work, “How was the day?”, “What did you have?”, “Where did you go?”. Also, she will keep repeating the same words like “Oh really?”, “That’s great” while you’re talking to her about something. Someone who is really interested in what you’re saying will definitely ask back questions or will tell you to explain them something they don’t get, isn’t it?

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