Wednesday, November 18, 2015

6 Signs She is Madly in Love With You !!

6 Signs She is Madly in Love With You,man woman in love relationship

Subtle hints, gestures and innuendos are not for men. Admit it; you can’t decode a woman’s emotions to save your life. Matters of the heart are not understood until they need to be shouted out from the rooftop. So, here are 6 signs to tell you that she is madly in love with you.

1. She will make things for you
Yes, make things, not buy them. She is constantly thinking about little gifts that would make you happy. She will dig up all her art and craft skills and try to create something sweet and memorable. And if she’s a good cook, then you’re hand delivered a special treat just for you every day.

2. She will always give
When a girl is madly in love with someone, she becomes a real giver. She will always keep giving something, whether it is hugs, kisses, pecks on the cheek or massages.

3. She will treat you like her baby
Girls only do this when they are truly in love with a guy – love you like her baby. She will give you ridiculous names, keep cuddling you, fuss over your food or what you’re wearing…and we don’t even need to tell you what happens when you fall sick.

4. She will frequently text and call you
If she’s madly in love with you, then it’s pretty obvious that she will call and text you as much as possible in a day. But she doesn’t want to look like a stalker, so she is also going to find all sorts of excuses just to communicate with you every few hours.

5. She will say sorry to you
Even after the worst of fights, she will be the first one to say sorry and make peace and love, because her love for you is obviously greater than the fight and she is ready to forget about it just for you.

6. She is always wide eyed and smiling around you
She can’t stop smiling when she’s sitting beside you and is greatly involved in the conversation. Also, she finds all your jokes funny and laughs at them, even the lame ones which her girlfriends roll their eyes at. However, she still thinks they are funny and finds your efforts adorable.

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