Tuesday, November 24, 2015

5 Ways to Show Your Wife You Care !

5 Ways to Show Your Wife You Care lake waterfalls,man hug woman love couple

Marriage is an amazing yet complicated relationship. You love each other, care for each other, fight, argue, adjust, compromise and just be yourself around each other. The love exists for sure but sometimes showing that love and care gives reassurance and helps to makes the bond stronger. Here are 5 ways to show your wife you care.

1. Do that extra bit
Marrying and living together becomes easier when you know your responsibilities and divide your duties. But it feels good when sometimes you think about her and do something extra, help her with her work when she is too worked up, just to show that you care.

2. Be there when she needs you
Going out, spending time and enjoying when you are married is good and fun. But there are times when your wife will be stressed, emotionally disturbed and troubled. During such times, you need to be with her emotionally and physically. This way you will care for her and let her know that she has your back.

3. Listen to what she has to say
Sometimes you don’t need to show care with actions, just the simple act of listening is enough. Call her when you are away, when you’re with her listen to her with patience. Even if you are busy, take time out for her and listen to what she has to say.

4. Respect her needs
To show your wife that you care, you need to respect her needs and wants. It may or may not be in your capacity but show her that you care. Take efforts and try to meet her needs.

5. Take care of her physical needs
Take care of her physical needs when the time comes. This applies to sexual satisfaction as much as it applies to her health. When she is unwell, down or unsatisfied, you need to take extra efforts to fulfill her physical needs.

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