Tuesday, November 24, 2015

5 Disadvantages of Dating a Pretty Girl !!

5 Disadvantages of Dating a Pretty Girl,man woman girl love date

So, after a lot of efforts, you have finally managed to impress a really pretty girl and now the two of you are a couple. Obviously, your happiness must have no bounds. But be warned! Dating a pretty girl is tougher than impressing her. You must be very careful or else you could easily lose her. Hence, it is always wise to know the disadvantages before approaching such a girl. Then you can decide if you have what it would take to run that relationship. Here are 5 major disadvantages of dating a pretty girl.

1. Maintenance cost
Prettier girls usually have a higher maintenance cost. This isn’t really their or anyone else’ fault, but it is just the way they are. They spend more time on salons, makeup, spas and other expensive destinations. Yes, real beauty comes naturally, but one has to take care of that beauty in order to remain beautiful. Therefore, maintenance becomes a must.

2. Possessiveness
While you may not have been a possessive person at all in the past, a pretty girl can turn you into a really possessive person. This is because you have a constant fear of losing her, and this fear can really ruin your relationship. It is a fact that the prettier a girl is, the more will she hate possessiveness. Hence, you will really need to balance your love and possessive behavior, if you don’t want your relationship to end.

3. Street fight
If you’re going around with a really pretty girl, your chances of getting into a street fight increase drastically. It is quite obvious that guys like to hit on pretty girls, so you will always have to be prepared in order to defend her as well as your relationship. If you’re unable to do so, the girl herself will think that you are not manly enough and may leave you. The end result of this fight does not matter much as long as you stand for your love.

4. Constant fear
If you’re dating a pretty girl, you can never really feel the joy that you would if you had dated just an average looking girl. The main reason behind this is that you have a constant fear within you that you may lose this girl. And it is this fear that makes you suspect her, fight with her, and do all the unnecessary stuff which eventually ruin your relationship.

5. Inferiority complex
While you would love to be with your girl alone, you would start to hate being with her in public. The reason is quite simple. You know she is fabulous and so, it is quite obvious that people will put all their attention towards her and neglect you completely. This leads to inferiority complex and that can lead to tremendous hatred for the person you once loved with all your life.

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