Tuesday, November 24, 2015

6 Tips to Make this Christmas Special for Her

6 Tips to Make this Christmas Special for Her,man woman whiskey vodka alcohol drinks santa

It can be exasperating to figure what you should do to make your girlfriend’s Christmas extra special. Here are a few tips to help you figure out how you can make your girlfriend’s holiday season memorable this year.

1. Plan an extra romantic day for her
It won’t take much to appease your girlfriend and make her Christmas special as long as you put your heart and soul into being romantic. Pick a day when you plan a lineup of different activities. You could start off by picking up your girlfriend and taking her out for breakfast, follow it up with a bike ride around the city, go somewhere romantic for lunch and end the day by spending the evening in a vineyard, local piazza, movie theater or a ranch. Planning something in advance will let her know that you put a lot of time and effort in making her Christmas special.

2. Give her a customized Christmas gift
Women have great fondness for gifts that are unique and customized. Impress your girlfriend this holiday season by gifting her something so unique that she won’t be able to stop talking about it to her friends. You can gift her a bracelet bearing her initials, stone ring you found at a flea market or a miniature Christmas tree decorated with hanging photos of you both. Making your girlfriend’s Christmas special is all about buying her gifts that she will cherish for a long time.

3. Go shopping with her
Your girlfriend would love you to go shopping with her, especially during Christmas. Even if you hate shopping, this is the time to let your girlfriend know that you would do anything to make her Christmas special. Take time out to accompany her to every mall, market and boutique that she wants to go to. If you want to see her really happy, take the initiative to ask her out shopping.

4. Introduce her to your family
Have you been waiting all this time to introduce your girlfriend to your family? There can be other time more perfect than Christmas to introduce your girlfriend to your family, if you have been planning to do so. Invite her over to your place for Christmas lunch and make sure all the members of your family are present. This will make your girlfriend’s Christmas unforgettable.

5. Help her in decorating her house
Your girlfriend is least likely to expect you to come to her place and help her with Christmas decorations as you may be busy doing you own. Turn her expectations around and offer help in wrapping presents, decorating her Christmas tree and prepping for Christmas desserts. Not only will she be pleasantly surprised at receiving your helping hand, but you will also get brownie points for spending more time with her during Christmas.

6. Leave her a Santa letter
Even though you both have crossed the age of expecting letters and gifts from Santa, this can be a great gift to give your girlfriend this Christmas. Write her a letter posing as Santa. Describe how she has selected the right boyfriend and how happy he is always going to keep her. She will obviously realize who the letter is from and this will make her Christmas special.

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