Saturday, November 21, 2015

5 Tips for Successfully Dating an Introverted girl !

5 Tips for Successfully Dating an Introverted girl,man woman holding hands romantic

Introverts can be pretty hard to fathom. If you started dating an introvert through online dating, chances are that you may not know her real nature until you meet her. Unless she tells you she is an introvert, you would not know because you would be mainly contacting each other through chats and emails. You will also be in for a shock when you met her in person. If you met her in person and not online, you may also have pursued her as that is the most likely scenario with introverts. It would be interesting to be the pursuer at first, but very soon you may get tired of it and even bored. Instead of losing an opportunity to date a great person because they are introverted and you never really understood it, take some of these tips on how to successfully date an introverted girl. It is completely worth it.

1.Accept her for what she is
You probably knew she was an introvert when you approached her first and was interested in her. Instead of trying to change her as soon as you start going out, accept her for what she is and you can have a really great relationship. You will also notice that she will not try to impose herself on you, so accept her for what she is and what she does to you.

2.Do not force her to be outgoing
If you are the life of the party, then let her be. A balance in a relationship is always good. Do not embarrass her in front of your friends or other people by asking her to be outgoing or do something outrageous. If she is comfortable being herself, be happy for her and do not try to bring her into your world.

3.Give her more time to process her emotions and feelings
Introverts can be a little self-conscious and self-centered. You will need to give her enough time to process her feelings for you and also how she feels about the relationship or the conversations you have. And do not keep hurrying her up to mold herself to your pace.

4.Respect her need for alone time
She would have gotten used to being by herself a lot of time and she could also be pretty comfortable doing that. Instead of seeing it as a rejection, take this as her personality and respect her need to have her own space. She too will love you more and respect you for understanding her needs.

5.Never leave her alone at parties
When you take her out to a party or when you are meeting your friends with her, never leave her alone for long. Chances are that she would get bored as she does not make friends very easily and she definitely would not be a conversation started and cannot carry on a conversation with strangers easily. Instead of making her feel bad, stay with her as much as possible and leave her only when you are sure that she is fine being alone in the party.

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