Saturday, November 21, 2015

5 Tips on How to Make Your Wife Feel Appreciated !

5 Tips on How to Make Your Wife Feel Appreciated,happy couple in love romance marriage

Getting married is a commitment you make to stay together, to take care of each other , to support each other and be there for each other in happy times as well as sad times. When you make a promise and stick to it, it helps to be appreciated. You cannot take your wife for granted just because she is there for around and does a lot of things, sometimes even without you having to ask her for it. It is great if you make it a habit every day to let her know how lucky you are to have her in your life. You do not have to go over the top to make her feel special, but you can do small things to make her feel appreciated. Here are a few tips on how you can make your wife feel appreciated.

1.Bring her small gifts
Get her small gifts for no reason. A lot of women like little trinkets that serve no purpose and guys are forever ribbing them about that. You can get your wife one of those trinkets and that gesture will tell her that not only do you appreciate for her but that you actually spent time looking for that cute little trinket. It also shows that you do not take lightly, her interests and likes.

2.Give her a hug
You can give her a big bear hug and tell her thanks or just whisper sweet nothings into her ear. Do this even when there is nothing to celebrate. She will just know without you telling her that you feel really lucky and happy to be with her.

3.Tell her
If you are not the king of subtlety, you can just tell her. It might be a little awkward to tell her that you appreciate everything she does for you and that you appreciate her for being around, so try and put it in other words or actions just to let her know that you appreciate the effort she is putting in the marriage.

4.Do something unexpected for her
If you are someone who does not do anything around the house and your wife is the one who goes around picking after everyone, you can show your appreciation by doing things that she always does like cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and taking the kids to school and back. If all this is too much for you, you can just make breakfast for her and make her breathe a little easy for one day.

5.Finish the one chore she’s been nagging you to do
She may have been asking you to finish a chore for a long time, say like cutting the branches of a tree. You would have been too lazy to do it and could have postponed it for months. Surprise her one day by cutting it off when she is not around or when she is sleeping.. You can do a lot of small stuff like these to make her feel appreciated.

Contrary to popular belief, women are quite easy to please and all you have to do is show some love and loads of appreciation.

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