Sunday, November 22, 2015

5 Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

5 Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day,man guy kiss girl woman

For most women, February 14 is as important a date as any anniversary or birthday. Although both people share the onus of the relationship, being the man, you need to put in some extra effort in making your woman feel special on this day. Here are 5 romantic things to do for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

1. Go click-click
This idea can translate into a lot of fun if you’re the artsy type, or, good with the camera. Alter the settings a little in your own apartment with the help of a few lights and other props. Choose an era; go vintage, retro, pop or simply quirky. Make your girlfriend pose and get clicking. Girls simply love it when someone puts an effort in taking perfect pictures of them. Considering the theme of Valentine’s Day, you can also try out some nude photography. It’s sensuous, romantic, intimate and totally a couple thing to do.

2. Name a star
One of the most romantic things to do for someone you love is to dedicate a star to them. Visit a valid star registry service and name a star and hope for your relationship to shine as bright as the star in the sky.

3. Arrange a treasure-hunt
Arrange an interesting treasure hunt for your girlfriend. Plan out the treasure-hunt route with different levels. The clues and directions should be clear and simple. Remember this is just supposed to be a fun game for Valentine’s Day, so keep it that way. Make sure she finds a little gift as a reward each time she cracks a clue, until she reaches the final surprise. The treasure-hunt need not be in the outdoors. You can even plan one in your own home.

4. Pack up and drive off
Pack a few needful things and drive off with the car to the countryside or some quaint little isolated place that has a great view. Park your car there and spend the day with each other. You can also sleep off in the car looking at the stars, but remember to take some breakfast essentials with you. You don’t want to wake up the next day with a cranky mood because of an empty stomach.

5. Get high on physical activities
Get your heart rates up this Valentine’s Day. Plan a day or a trip filled with adventure and thrills; something that will make you flush and gush with excitement. Try jet-skiing, racing, skating or something else that will pump your adrenaline rush. If you’re a sporty couple then this idea would surely work our great.

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