Sunday, November 22, 2015

5 Ways to Understand Your Wife Better

5 Ways to Understand Your Wife Better,woman love man sleeping tree bed

If you have been married for a while, there are chances that you would have stopped at times and wondered if you had married a completely different woman than who you fell in love with. You may also have wondered if the two of you are speaking the same language and if she is from a different species than you. At times, in a marriage, there are lot of arguments and fights because there is no understanding between the couple. Both of you would expect things to change and also things to remain the same at the same time. The conflict arises over differences about what needs to change and what needs to stay the same. You will need to understand your wife to know why she behaves in a certain way and reacts in a certain way to things. You will not only make her happy but you will also be happy in the process. Here are some ways to understand your wife better.

1.She expects you to read her mind
She will definitely get mad at you when you do not get what she is thinking and common sense dictates that you cannot. But you will have to pretend at time, or if you are wrong in assuming, just ask her what she wants or what is wrong. Ask her and talk to her to understand her better and do not ignore her signs.

2.Do not blame everything on her menstrual cycle
Not everything she does is related to her menstrual cycle. Even though her hormones may rule her for a few days every month, the rest of the time, she would be herself. Instead of blaming her hysterics on her periods, try to know what else is happening with her. Listen to her and look at her closely to understand what is happening with her. She is not a fathom, but a living being just like you.

3.Understand her weight concerns are partly and mostly due to you
Do not joke about her attempts at losing weight or looking better. Understand that she is doing it for you. It would have been either because of your comments or because of her genuine desire to look good to please you. Humor her and comment on her clothes and weight in a positive way to understand more about her.

4.Do not generalize
Each individual is different. Instead of generalizing everything about women, learn that every woman is different and you can be the reason that your wife is different. Do not assume things about her, but make an effort to get to know her and understand her more. Unless you want to know more and put in some effort you will never really understand her.

5.She does a lot
If you accept the fact that your wife does a lot, both at work and at home, for you and for the kids and the parents, you will understand a lot more about her. Looking at life and marriage and your relationship from her angle is a great way to understand your wife.

Put yourself in her shoes and live a day as if you were her. There is no better way to understand a person than ti imagine yourself in their shoes.

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