Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife,man gave woman gift present birthday santa

When you get married and you have been spending a few years 
with the same woman, you tend to slack a little bit and do not give much importance to what you are buying as a gift for your wife. You might be lulled into the fact that she is happy because you have been giving her whatever she wants and that she has not complained. Also you may think that she is earning enough and has her own mind to make up and get what she wants. Although she might be able to afford her own stuff, you need to understand that a gift from you and a well thought of one at that will never cease to surprise her. How much ever she has, she will treasure the gifts that she gets from you. Christmas is a great occasion to gift your wife some really wonderful things and show her that you love her for it is the season of love. Here are a few ideas that might help you in finding the right gift for your wife this Christmas.

1.A day in the Spa
She would be her most harried self during Christmas time, especially if you have kids and are throwing a big party for Christmas. Book her into a Spa the day after Christmas so she can relax and get pampered. Gift her peace of mind and some time away from responsibilities for a day. This is an incredible gift that you can give your wife; a guilt free trip to the spa.

2.Help her with the Christmas chores and the party
Sometimes your gift does not have to come wrapped in a box. Take active part in the Christmas celebrations at home and help her plan and organize everything, down to washing the dishes and getting the kids ready. Your participation and the fact that you helped her will make it more memorable than any other gift.

3.Fly her mom, sister or whoever she is close to over for Christmas
It involves a lot of logistics and a lot more secrecy but surprise her by flying over someone she really misses and want to see for a long time. It could be her mom, her sister or a friend she has not seen for ages. If they cannot come down, at least arrange for her to talk to them over the phone or Skype.

4.Quit smoking or drinking if she had been asking for it
If you are a chain smoker and she had been asking you to quit for a long time, now is a good time to do it. This would be the most valuable gift you had ever given her. Don’t look at it as her snooping around your habits, but look at the love she has for you and give her the gift of reciprocation.

5.The usual gifts of clothes, shoes and jewelry
If you are already the perfect husband for her and don’t have to do any of the things above, then giver her and add on to her collection of clothes, shoes and jewelry. Your wife would love it when you don’t complain and actively indulge her in her likes.

Happiness is the true gift you can give someone. Make sure you keep your wife happy this Christmas.

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