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12 Romantic Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

12 Romantic Gift Ideas for Girlfriend,man gave woman present gift

Do you have your girlfriend complain about you every time that you are not romantic enough? Do you buy gifts that you think that she should have rather than think about what she would love to have? Most of us commit this mistake when we are buying a gift for our girlfriends. We mostly think about its utility than about the happy face when your girlfriend gets your gift. The one important thing to keep in mind before you gift her something is that the gift does not have to too expensive or too elaborate. Even a small trinket can be romantic and make her very happy if you choose the right time and accompany the gift with the right words. Here are a few suggestions to find that perfect romantic gift for your girlfriend.

It would be generalizing to say that diamonds are a girls best friends or that all women like diamonds. Whatever their politics or preferences, diamonds always make a wonderful choice if it is romance that you want to convey through your gift. It can be in bracelets, pendants or even a ring if you are serious about the relationship.

2.Cards, small and big, every day or once in a while
No matter how many gadgets or fancy stuff come to the market, cards will never go out of fashion. You can gift her a small card every day to keep the romance alive or make a truly special card once in a while. She is bound to go weak on her knees when she finds out that you spent your time making one for her.

Colorful candles in exotic shapes are also another safe bet when it comes to romantic gifts for your girlfriend. You might even get to enjoy a steamy candle light bath with her or a night filled with the aromatic candles.

4.Little handwritten love you notes
It can be on a scrap of paper, a post it note or a scented paper. What makes it romantic is the heartfelt little sentences you write. Of all the gifts you give her, you will find that these are the ones that she really treasures the most.

If you are someone who complains about her love for shoes, show you romantic side by taking time to find her size and also the colors that she does not have. Surprise her with a pair. This would make for a true romantic gift as it shows her that you put her happiness before your own likes and dislikes.

6.Little trinkets and equally little boxes
There is something about little boxes that makes women go gaga. The more intricate the design and the smaller boxes there is within a box, the better the gift. Also put some small trinkets inside the boxes before you gift it to her.

7. Jewelery
Jewelery is something that a girl can never have in excess. Jewelry given to one you love has completely a different meaning than when gifted to other family members and friends. You can pick a piece of jewelery that is designed in the shape of a heart or has a personalized touch to it. The best idea would be to gift your girl a diamond as would make her feel extremely special.

8. Clothes
A girl loves to have all the recent trends in her wardrobe, which is one of the main reasons that shopping is a never ending task for her. You could make things simpler for your girlfriend by gifting her the new trends. Shopping for clothes is never a bad idea as it ever fails to please the girl. You could also go a step further by gifting your girlfriend pieces from her favorite designer or something that she wanted to own for a really long time.

9. Make-Up and Grooming Items
Girls around the world love their make-up and grooming items to fulfill all their grooming needs. Each and every girl wants to look good at all times and this is where your gift would step in. Gift basket comprising of grooming items and bath accessories are much loved by girls and are a raging trend in recent times. Many brands have also created gift hampers especially for every occasion so as to help pick the right items to gift a woman.

10. Spa
A trip to the spa is an irresistible offer for ladies, especially so if it comes in as a gift. The various services offered at spas and massage centers would not only be a beauty essential for your girlfriend but would also prove to be a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for her. In case she has been sticking to a busy schedule, it could also be a stress buster and a much needed break. This gift could be an experience for which your girlfriend would genuinely be grateful to you.

11. Chocolates
Majority of women are chocolate lovers and would not leave an excuse to indulge in their craving for chocolates. Chocolates are an age old gifting idea that has been in vogue since the Victorian era. A box of chocolates is one of the safest gifts for your girlfriend. However, you could make it special for your girlfriend by gifting a box of assorted chocolates or by gifting fruits dipped in chocolate in case she is a weight watcher.

12. Romantic Book
A book is a friend for life in case of book lovers. If your girlfriend falls in this category, nothing would be more special to her than you gifting a book of love stories. Just in case you think your girlfriend would be picky about what she reads and would not approve of the choice of book, then the best step would be to choose from what is tried and tested and gift one of the classic novels that are loved by everyone.

Contrary to popular belief, it is very easy to please your woman. The gift can be really small and worthless, but you just need to know how to package and present it well. Romance lies in the heart and not in the physical things.

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