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11 Types of Women a Man Always Comes Across !

11 Types of Women a Man Always Comes Across,man woman drinking coffee first date

Whether single or committed, each man comes across a lot of women in his life on a daily basis. While some are attractive but not so intelligent, there are others who make you feel on top of the world. Here is a small list of the types of women a man is bound to meet in his life.

1. The Money Hunter
Like all women, she likes to be flattered and wants a great man for herself. Except that the flattery needs to be shown in a materialistic form and the great man should have a lot of money. She likes men who are rich, and who would buy the world for her. These kinds of women are mostly low on the emotional quotient and can only be seen hunting down rich men.

2. The Clingy One
She either has a crush on you, or is desperate to date you, or just really doesn’t know how to maintain the distance. She adds stupid kisses and hug smileys in texts, and sends random texts in the first place. She always keeps asking you if you’re fine and is always doing odd things for you like getting surprise coffees or gifts. In other words, she just doesn’t give you any breathing space and acts creepy sometimes.

3. The Career Oriented One
She is very clear about her professional goals and lets nothing come in the way of her career. She has certain ambitions that she wants to fulfill, and often becomes bossy and demanding in the process. She may come across as a really rude and finicky person to deal with, but some of these girls are really nice at heart as well. It’s actually your luck if you find someone who’s a perfect balance of a career-oriented woman professionally and a great companion personally.

4. The Allergic-to-Guys One
She is usually tomboyish and doesn’t like too much male attention coming her way. Some of these women might find the concepts of dating and marriages as stupid, and would be least bit bothered about good guys around them. They just seem very content with their own lives and hate it when some guy tries to enter their lives.

5. The Insecure Fast Mover
These kinds of women seek settlement really fast. Within just a month of dating, they would be talking of marriage and kids, or would at least start hinting at those things. Their conversations would always hint at ideas of joint bank accounts, and they’d get offended if you didn’t officially introduce them as your girlfriend in front of others. Probably because of previous bad experiences or otherwise, these women are really insecure and need to be given a sense of stability all the time.

6. The Friend Who Never Gets Romantic
She is perfect when it comes to having interesting conversations with her. She also has the same interests as you, and both of you get along very well. But somewhere, there is a lack of romanticism between you two. Things either start to become really cheesy or uncomfortable when you attempt to be romantic with her, because she either laughs out loud at them or doesn’t seem to be impressed at all. This could probably be her first relationship, so she doesn’t really know how to be romantic or how to reciprocate loving gestures.

7. The Pseudo Perfectionist
This is the kind of woman who would want to change just about everything in your life, from what you wear to how you eat to what you watch on TV. She has some pseudo-intellectual thoughts and ideas about how to live a perfect life, and she tries to incorporate them in your life, while not realizing her own flaws. She could sometimes sound derogatory about your habits, and would just not let you be yourself.

8. The One Who Overdoes It
Maybe she loves you too much, or maybe she is bad at understanding that you are happy already and don’t need anything else from her. Whatever be the case, she is always planning surprises, buying gifts or doing random things to make you happy, not realizing that you don’t need all of that. A simple evening with her sitting on a couch and just talking could be great for you, but she would still go ahead and get wine or cake or would hide a surprise gift for you under the cushion. She may probably do it out of her innocence, but needs to be reassured that things are just fine.

9. The Perfect Princess
She looks good, has a good job, talks well, respects you and your choices, and just about everything seems fine between the two of you. She comes from a good family that has been a great factor in helping her be settled in life. It’s like perfection dripping out of every syllable she speaks or in everything she does. But the minute real life problems hit you, such as that of debts or job loss, she may not be very well equipped to handle you emotionally because she is unaware of such things. She’s like that doll who hasn’t seen the bad side of the world and may not be the best companion in bad times.

10. The Shy, Low-Profile One
She likes you, but will probably never say it. She doesn’t talk to too many people and usually keeps to herself. However, she will respond politely when spoken to, and will probably turn out to be a great person. These are the kinds of women who are slightly introvert and need someone else to come and start conversations with them.

11. The Eye Candy
She looks damn gorgeous and makes heads turn. Her looks precede everything else about her. You first start liking her only on the basis of her looks, but what she is like as a person is usually a mystery. Her looks overpower her personality otherwise, and you need sometime to figure this one out. But yes, you definitely get tempted to talk to her the minute your senses get back to normal after having looked at her for long!

None of these women can be categorized as good or bad completely. They are all the way they are because of certain past circumstances or what they do in life in general. Your compatibility with a woman really depends on how you are as a person and what exactly you are looking for in a partner. It is also about which aspects of a person’s personality you are willing to overlook and adjust to, and which aspects you adore or find interesting.

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