Tuesday, November 17, 2015

5 Ways to Know If She is Only Looking for Some Fun !

5 Ways to Know If She is Only Looking for Some Fun,woman wants a man have sex appeal

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that commitment phobia is only a guy trait; girls also look to have some plain fun without getting into the complexities. Bringing in fun into somebody’s life is a good thing but not at the cost of your happiness. Here are 5 ways to know if she is only looking for some fun.

1. She always laughts it off
If you constantly find your romantic or commitment-related talks being laughed off or diverted into another topic, then you must take it as a sign. She obviously does not want to encourage something she doesn’t really want, and hence she will never reciprocate. Casually shrugging off your avowals of love is a way of getting out of tricky situations.

2. She ensures you never meet her friends and family
Making you meet her friends and family is obviously taking it to another level; and you shouldn’t expect that to happen if she’s only looking for some fun. Even if she does bump into an acquaintance of hers, she will prefer introducing you as a friend. However, her friends will know you, but only as “some guy she’s casually seeing”.

3. She never indulges in sweet-nothings
Cuddling happens when there’s attachment and intimacy. If it’s just a casual thing she’s indulging in, then there won’t be too much coochie-cooing or whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Post-coital snuggle is something that she will always avoid because she obviously does not want to give out the wrong signal in a casual fling.

4. She is always asking for favors
If she’s already using you for the fun factor then why not use you to get some work done too? Does she ask you to pay her bills (sometimes out of your pocket), do her assignments, pick up her laundry and other constant financial favors? If she asks you for favors a little too often, then it’s time to rethink on your position in the relationship.

5. She’s on a rebound
Girls who have just gotten out of a tormenting relationship usually unleash their wild side after it and impulsively date guys to either take out their frustration or divert their mind. So, are you the scapegoat?

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