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How To Throw A Singles Holiday Party !!!

How To Throw A Singles Holiday Party  - celebrateing

First of all, congratulations on your decision to throw a party this holiday season! Not only is it a great sign of good will toward your fellow man and all that junk, but it’s also a tried and true method of meeting other singles. Encourage your friends to invite people you don’t know personally, to expand your social horizons and invite the possibility of Mr. Right walking through your door.

Speaking of doors, let’s make sure you’ve got some mistletoe hanging up there, among other holiday tricks of the trade to get your guests in the mood and make you look fabulous!

Lighting is everything. You know how gross you look in the bathroom mirror at the gym? Well, what you’re looking for here is the exact opposite effect. Overhead lighting is rarely flattering, so just turn those house lights OFF! Tables lamps or standing lamps are good with low wattage, but even better is to leave the job to strings of white Christmas lights and let the light of fire do the rest! Put clusters of candles on tables, mantles, sideboards, wherever they’ll fit comfortably without catching someone’s sleeve, hair, or the living room curtains. We want things to get hot, but not that hot.  Place tea light candles in a dish, or inside a large glass vase for extra shimmering effect. You and your guests will look great with the gentle firelight glowing in your faces.

I know, it sounds corny, but rules are rules, and you really are supposed to kiss under the mistletoe! Just the presence of that sexy little twig makes people feel giddy, as if anything could happen. If it makes someone uncomfortable, they don’t have to stand under it! But sometimes it’s the perfect way to get the subject matter around to the topic of spontaneous kissing.

Christmas trees can take up a lot of floor space, but they are a great centerpiece for a holiday party, giving people something to gather near, and to talk about. Keep your tree trimmings tasteful and simple, and if you have any homemade touches, like Christmas balls made by your nieces and nephews or something from your own childhood, put those front and center. That way if you’re standing with your potential Prince Charming and run out of things to say, you can show him the decorations, offering something personal about yourself, encouraging him to do the same. Another tree option is to put a small tree up on a table, and hang small baskets or baggies of chocolates  and candy canes for your guests to take home with them.

Festive Beverages
There’s a real estate trick where you bake fresh bread or chocolate chip cookies when you’re having an open house so that potential buyers will feel at home instantly, and be attracted to the house. The same thing goes for parties. Try brewing up a batch of mulled wine and let the heady, spicy aroma fill the room. Your guests will love it. There are many variations on the recipe, but basically it’s red wine and some kind of white liquor with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves simmering within it. Some recipes include blanched almonds and orange segments which settle at the bottom in a way best shown off by glass mugs or thick stemmed wine glasses. A signature drink unites the party, gets people talking, and makes you look like a culinary genius, when all you’re really doing is heating up a bottle of wine.

If you already have Christmas lights and candles, it’s not necessary to go overboard with decorations, but there are a few ideas that might inspire. A wreath on the front door is always a welcoming touch, as well as boughs of cedar placed on the table as a centerpiece.  Add a dish of oranges or dried cranberries for color, and consider clustering a few pinecones together around a candle for a smaller table.

Hosting a holiday party when you’re single is a Hosting a holiday party when you’re single is a smart move. You collect all your favorite people in one place and ask them to bring other singles they know. All that’s left to do is wow them with your entertaining skills and tasteful décor, and you can’t go wrong using these simple suggestions.

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