Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Your Man Maybe Cheating On You If...

Your Man Maybe Cheating On You If... - man cheating on women

It doesn't have to be that your relationship is on the rocks for your man to cheat to you. There have been many cases where men have cheated on their wives, their girlfriends and so forth, and we result in getting hurt. Men today fancy different things in life, some treat women like gadgets , thinking they can get a new model every time they visit a gizmo mall.

Well, women its time for you to wake up and be the 'spy', if you notice a number of these strange attitudes your man has been up to lately then he may be cheating on you.
  1. The first thing is staying out late. He will say that he has to do over time work, once in a way it could be true but not all the time. This usually happens to a lot of women , who have a live in relationship.
  2. Breaking dates on a regular basis , can also be a hint to you if he is seeing another woman on the sly.
  3. Heading directly to the shower, before hugging or kissing you. He may pass off the saying that he's sweaty and dirty, but actually he doesn't want you to get the smell of her.
  4. Heading to other rooms in the house to answer or to make a call, even though its pin drop silence to where you are sitting. This is only because he doesn't want you to hear the conversation he is having with the other woman.
  5. All emergency or security calls that are pretty frequent in the late hours of the night. Random calls like these never occur to men who don't cheat on their partners.
  6. All the days are gone when he used to be the sweet, thoughtful and a considerate listener, but since of late he has become disinterested and mean to you in possibly the most simplest ways. Fights spring up for the minute things that your'l want to talk about and all of a sudden you feel there is no understanding and compromising between the two of you.
  7. He now bores you, his absence you feel is most preferred rather than him sitting around not glancing and speaking to you in the most sweetest words.
  8. He with holds all the information, there is no sharing any more and look out for the most famous word," I Don't Know", whenever asked about something. He has become more guarded about his life.

However, by these tips to find out your man is a cheater or not is a little bit difficult and even more so is to find him guilty and lost in words to answer your questions when asked. Although these signs are not enough to implicate that he is having an affair with someone else, it will surely open your eyes that he is not interested in you anymore and probably will call it quits sooner than you think.

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