Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How To Do Away With Your Friends !!

How To Do Away With Your Friends - losing a friend

Losing a friend can be the most painful incident in your life. But there are people who crave to just do away with some people, whom they call as 'friends'. Rather than telling them on their face that you don't need them anymore, it's better to slowly withdraw from their company.

As you find it's tough to withdraw from a friendship easily, you can try some simple things to convey the message of break – up to that particular person, in a more convincing way.
  • Friends usually get really pissed off, if you don't answer their calls for a while. So the first step to convey the message of break – up is to not pick that particular friend's call.
  • With the advent of technology people have got so much hooked on to this social networking sites. These sites have really become friends' most opted hang- out. So the next step is to remove him or her from your friends' list.
  • Now the next step is, although this tip is bit hurting, this can really evade them from you. Start hanging out with someone else, this will make them feel that they have been replaced and you don't need them anymore.
  • Throw a party or a get together, make sure that you don't invite that friend of yours, whom you want to bid farewell to.
  • This step could be really outrageous. Start spreading rumours about them, this will for sure put an end to your friendship. He or she will never ever come into your life after that.
  • If you really want to do away with a pal of yours these are the most opted ways . And now, if none of these work out, you have to walk straight up to him or her and say that you don't need them anymore, so you are breaking – up.

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