Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Being Apart ,Makes Love Grow Deeper If You Try !!!

The-Way-to-Deal-with-a-Long-Distance-Relationship - Being Apart ,Makes Love Grow Deeper If You Try

In a relationship there has to be a lot of understanding, love , care and most of if you want a relationship to grow to newer heights it depends on the both of you to make it reach that level.
There are many types of relationships that couples opt for, many are uncertain,in a lot of ways. For instance, a long distance relationship is difficult to handle , but it depends on ones own self to make the relationship an easy task, unless you yourself take a leap forward in making your relationship work , it will, otherwise... You know what comes after that.!

Circumstances are such that you cant help , but to favor your own nest at times. Everyone has dreams to follow, goals to achieve in life and so they go ahead and try to achieve it on their own, following which they leave the country for sometime to get better prospects or it might even be for various other reasons too.
If you are in a long distance relationship, here are some of the tips you need to follow to make it work:-
  1. Before you start on a long distance relationship, make sure the both of you know the parameters of the relationship, if both are okay with it , then its the first step.
  2. If making a call everyday is expensive for you , there are many other ways where you can communicate with your partner. Faxes, emails, Skype etc, so make it a point to get in touch with him / her everyday. Start writing love letters, its even more romantic.
  3. Do things together, if you cant meet . Then make it a point to plan a reunion, so the wait will keep you busy and it will increase the excitement as well.
  4. Sharing is the most important, keep your partner informed about how your day went,your activities etc, this will only help to bring the relationship together and not thrive.
  5. Trust in one another, suspicion always seems to build in a relationship, so its better to trust your partner and be open to each other no matter what. Honesty always pays off.
  6. Give them something that reminds them of you, so that when you miss your partner, you can always hold onto that object and think of them. This will provide comfort, happiness and of course it will bring a smile to your face.
  7. Talking about the future is really important in a long distance relationship as it helps you to become more into each other. It is an assurance that you are with each other for the long run and not just temporary.
  8. Being positive is another important thing that you must follow in a long distance relationship, having a negative mind will only influence your partner and thus will build on negativity which might be bad for the relationship.
Remember, it doesn't mean if you are thousands of miles apart your relationship will not work, it takes two hands to clap and the interest that each one individually takes makes the relationship to grow. Nothing is impossible, a long distance relationship should be a challenge for you to keep in mind.

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