Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don't Blow Away Your Candle Of Love !!!!

candle_pink_heart - Don't Blow Away Your Candle Of Love

When you are in a relationship , there has to be compromising amongst yourselves. Like the saying “ It Takes Two Hands To Clap" , likewise, in a relationship it sure does take two souls together to make a beautiful seed grow into a wonderful flower.

But there are some of those foolish things 'girls' especially do to destroy the loving bond that is created. It may not be done intentionally, but still there are certain things that one cannot help doing, the urge takes a strong place in our life at times and we just have to bite our teeth to pass out of that situation.

Even though things like these would not cross your mind often , you would know that to break up a relationship is the easiest thing to do. So to avoid this , you have to simply follow certain tips:-

  • If you are falling for someone and assume that they like you is a wrong way to think. You cannot expect that person to feel the same way for you like you do for that person, it will only push him away from you and the whole idea of being friends will totally pass away. Never expect a guy to force to say how he feels about it, it should be all natural.
  • Accepting the fact that men are different from women will help your relationship survive. You should understand that a man's way of thinking is very much different from that of a woman. What a man may put across is usually taking in a different way by a woman.
  • Wait for your relationship to be more settled and then open up to all of your intimate discussions with him. Don't make the mistake to pound his head with all your feelings and experiences.
  • Rely on you woman institution to judge a man's character. Men are sometimes so complex to understand and even more so when they are dating.
  • Never think that your guy will change your life so that you will be happy and fulfilled forever, this never happens. So its better for you to be more realistic.
  • Be yourself always . Being two sides of a coin is not at all good in a relationship , as it will only cause problems for you as well as for him for he may not know whom to trust, your true self or the false you. If you wish to please him and do exceptional things for him, its best that you do it from within your heart by just being yourself.
  • A man is not always an 'animal'. He would want something more than love making all the time. You should not always get down and dirty, hoping that the form of love making will please him all the time. So don't mess up the relationship by just sitting and flirting with him.
So if you want to make your relationship a long lasting one, so that you both can grow old and grey together, follow these steps 'girls' to have a healthy relationship and a happy one too.

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