Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Face Your Ex Boldly In Office !!!

dating at work -Face Your Ex Boldly In Office

Are you one of those who had to miserably end your love relationship, and work with your ex under the same roof? If you are one of those who had to under go this situation, then I would pat on your back and say, well done! Although for some this task sounds pretty easy, most of the people find it really tough to continue with the ex in the same office.

As they find it tough to let the pain go, they end up in quitting the job or the city but the challenge, lies in facing your ex boldly in the same work place and moving on in your life.

Michelle Moore, the president of a public relations firm in Columbus, Ohio, says that working with your ex in the same place could be a cake walk, if you follow certain steps.

*When you decide to work with your ex the first and foremost thing you should have is great common sense and maturity.

*Never do the mistake of back biting about your ex. It's advised to keep your mouth shut in the public.

*Although praising your ex in front of people, sounds awkward. This is the best way to gain people's respect.

*Carry on with your  life by doing things, in which you are good at, this will ease your bad mood.

*Also make sure that you don't sent personal messages to him or her from your work computer or phone.

Following these tips, you can have a healthy professional relationship with your ex. Also it will leave a good impression about you on your fellow workers.
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