Tuesday, January 15, 2013

End Your Relationship On A Kind Note

End Your Relationship On A Kind Note - happy times hours

You are in a relationship but there is no feeling of love, you care for him but what is the use of forcing yourself to be in a relationship without any meaning. To solve all these matters and to be 'happy' , all you have to do is to end the relationship which is something that is difficult to do. But , on the other hand few people find this a piece of cake.
Here are some ways where you can end your relationship on a nice, friendly basis:

“You got to be cruel to be kind" . In a relationship, honesty is an important aspect that keeps live the relationship apart from the other qualities. If you are not happy with that person and feel the necessity the the relationship is slowly dying out. Walk out of it but make sure you tell him the truth as to why you don't want to be in the relationship any more.

Face to face conversation
You cannot force anyone to stay with you, neither can you force someone to love you. When love is lost, there is nothing one can do. Having a face to face conversation has to be done in a proper relaxed mind , so that the other person understands that you are not thinking twice of staying in a relationship that has no future. A gentle break up has to be done face to face to show some kind of consideration for your partner.

 It is your duty to tell him why you are putting an end to this relationship. You have to be specific and make sure that he understands the reason 'why'.

Be nice
It would be nice if you could make a list of all the good things that you liked about your partner and admired. This will let them know that they where truly important when the relationship was going strong. You should not allow them to think that its one or two problems that needs to be fixed. Sometimes the perfect people is just not perfect for each other.

You should know that ending a relationship is definitely hard, and it is sad, but there are these times when it is necessary for the sake of both partners. Keep in mind that the end of an affair is not the end of the world, and staying together can sometimes be even worse.

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