Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Single Women Get Ready To Mingle !!!

Single girls Women Get Ready To Mingle party

When you get an invitation to a party, have you ever come across any one telling you to bring a date along? Of course you have and it happens all the time for those of you who are single and are ready to mingle, but insisting that you wait for the correct person to come along .Whoever said that dating was easy is not thinking wisely, I must say.

There can be a lot of causes for you not to have a date . One could be because of the strange work timings that you are not able to go on dates and meet someone or the other reason might just be that you are an extrovert person just shy and quite, unwilling to make the first move if you have seen an a beautiful girl.

If you want to get noticed and bring a date for that party, then you have to work hard towards it and this has to be by the keen interest that you take. So whatever the situation is , its time for you to wake to and take action.

Here below are a list of things that you should do to attract the perfect guy:-
  1. You can start off by giving yourself a make over. Keep in mind girls that too much of make up will look messy and the guys don't find painted face dolls attractive. Keep the natural look with a little blush.
  2. Update your image and get a new wardrobe , a new look will definitely make you look attractive. Try out the latest fashion and trendy outfits.
  3. Visit a salon and give yourself a good hair style that is trendy and which suits your face cut. Make sure that your hair cut looks neat and not combed.
  4. Get your set of teeth to sparkle and look milky white. Visit a dentist near by and get a full dental clean that will help your smile looking ever so beautiful.
  5. Many hide from the sun to avoid getting tan. But a little tan, will help your skin look fresh and will also add in a little glow.
  6. Join a gym and get a new look, staying healthy is as important as staying fit. So join a new health club and a new work out routine to lose those extra pounds if needed.

The most important is to improve in your attitude. Being an egoistic person will not get you far in a relationship neither in making new friends. By following these tips you can now venture out, take the first step and find a date. Also keep in mind as to what characteristics you are looking for in your date and don't be too specific.

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