Sunday, January 13, 2013

Relationship Or Marriage?

Relationship Or Marriage? - happy couple - romantic pictures

Staying in a relationship or saying 'I Do', which is your best option ?

Times have changed now, the young generation prefers to stay committed in a relationship rather than getting married.

Majority would prefer to stay in a live in relationship as it helps to get to know each other better before you settle in to tie the knot.
Some men take advantage of their ladies when they are in a relationship. Have you ever wondered how? Let me tell you. 

These men , stay in a relationship to enjoy the benefits of what their girlfriends provide , like cooking, doing the laundry and other chores. After a while when their demands increase women in these situations feel that their adorable men would later pop the question with a beautiful diamond ring.

Many ask the question what is the difference in getting married and staying in a relationship? Some may ponder over this question , others, say there is no difference! There are indeed differences between the two commitments .

When you are in a live in relationship, the option of quitting it in an unfavourable situation is easy. There is no case over here of being tied down to that particular person. In a marriage however, quitting attaches the term 'divorce to your status', which effects the future. Thus, quitting become difficult in a marriage. In many cultures and typically in Indian culture , the tag 'divorcee', plays an important role especially when you want to get hitched the second time. You become a 'second hand product' ! Whereas , when you are in a relationship you don't flaunt a tag! You just move on and gradually forget your past.

In a relationship however you can always walk out without carrying any baggage, but when you marry, you marry the whole family and not just your partner, thus every decision of yours not only matters your husband but also the whole family!

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