Sunday, January 13, 2013

Few Secrets Which Men Never Reveal !!!!

smile - Few Secrets Which Men Never Reveal

A women's heart is said to keep a hundred secrets but it is true for men as well. Maybe not hundred but there are few secrets which men always hate to reveal. When in a relationship, he might tell you everything about himself but he prefers to hide a few facts of his life. This does not mean he is being untrue. Every man has his own reason of keeping their secrets.

What Are These Men Secrets?

1.He Still Gets Attracted To Girls 
 It is a known fact that it is very easy to seduce a guy. Men even when in a relationship, can't help getting attracted to another beautiful girl passing by. It does not mean he does not find you attractive. It's a men trait which is inevitable.
There is no harm in men looking at other girls, till the time he limits himself to that and most men in relationship do that. Girls, don't bother even if you catch him looking at other girls. Your fussing can make things go worse.

2.Friends Come First
Men value their friends more than their girl friend. 'You come first', they may tell their girl friend but it is not true. Men love to enjoy without bindings and it is possible only with friends. After a long tiring day, he looks for friends to enjoy and comes back to him love to relax.
Girls, never try and come between him and his friends. Men hate this behaviour and a women who detaches her man from his friends, looses the relationship at some point of time.

3.Past Relationship
Men always avoid talking about their past relationship. It was a failure and thinking about it hurts him. He feels insecure to tell his present girl friend or wife all the details. He is scared that it will spoil the present.

Advice for girls is that, they should not probe into his past relationship a lot. Probing will disturb him and he is sure to show a negative reaction. Let the past be and accept him in present.

4.Men Are Conservative
 Men love to portray themselves as someone with modern thoughts but when it comes to their girl friend or wife, they are conservative. He might be sparing a glance at a hot girl but he never wants other guys to look at you. He wants you to dress hip but abiding by their rules.

Men can't help being possessive about their loved ones. There is no harm in it. Infact it is good, until things cross their limits.

These are the top four secrets about men and it is advised to girls to let the men have their secrets. The less you probe into it. The better and longer the relationship stays.

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