Sunday, January 13, 2013

Don't Be Blind While Blind Dating !!!!

Don't Be Blind While Blind Dating - date - wear a bag

Have you been set up on a blind date by your circle of friends? If so, then its time that you start doing some home work first on the person whom your about to meet. Blind dating is mainly for people who have a good sense of humor and can handle any situation in what ever way it comes to them. If you are not that kind of a person who can handle to be stood up by the person whom your to meet, then going on a blind date is definitely not for you.

However, blind dating can turn out to be a fun experience if you know what to do. Here are a few tips on blind dating.

1.When you are going on a blind date is it very essential to find the right location. A public place is the best option . You can go out for lunch or just hang out over a cup of coffee. Don't invite the person to your home and don't agree to go to his or her home too.

2.It is said that the first impression should be the best. So make a right choice when you are selecting a dress to wear. Please don't make the mistake of over dressing and wearing too much cologne. Ladies, avoid the extra make up as you will sport a cloudy face. Importantly, wear an apparel that will make you feel comfortable.

3.The waiter comes along with the bill and you both want to pay! It is best that you both split the bill to avoid any confusion.

4.Don't forget to use your manners when you go on dates like these. The mobile can be of real hindrance sometimes , so it is best that you either switch it off or change it to silent mode. Using your mobile in front of your date while he or she is talking to you is disrespectful.

5.When it comes to blind dating, those who have experienced it will usually tend to get lost in words. They find it difficult to converse with the partner. Before you set out for a blind date it is best to be prepared as to what you are going to ask your date. Keep in mind not to talk about topics such as religion or politics. Being friendly, a good listener and asking questions is all positive ideas for blind dating. Ask your blind date about his or her hobbies, interests, activities etc.

6.When you go on a blind date, it is best that you avoid the intake of alcohol. Some people drink like fish and they tend to get aggressive. So it is best to hide your lust for liquor.

7.It may be just a blind date. But there is certain things that you should be aware of in blind dating that would put your partner off mood. Like not maintaining eye contact with the person, can be annoying. Avoid checking out other people who walk by.

8.Don't expose too much of yourself on a first date . When you are on a blind date, it is best that you be honest with each other and talk about things that would interest you. Don't crowd your partners head with long lost stories of your past.

9.Never, never, never have sex on your first date. Remind yourself that this is a blind date and you don't know the person. When you are blind dating it can sometimes lead to physical attractions . Control these feelings as your partner would not like the idea of making out with an unknown person.

10.The last impression is important too. At the end of the date , make sure that you are honest and open to each other about wanting to meet again. If you are not interested be sure to tell him or her politely that it just wont work out.

Blind dating is a good experience for those who want to have some fun and seem adventurous to try out various things that life has to offer. For those of you who are planning a blind date , be confident and positive.

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