Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why Women Stay Away From 'Mama's Boy' ??!!

is_your_man_a_mamas_boy - Why Women Stay Away From 'Mama's Boy'

If you are mama's boy , then sorry boys there isn't going to be a woman who will love you. Men who are extremely close to their mothers face a lot of problems in getting a woman to love them.

When a man is in a relationship, problems start when there is a little close comfort with his mother. His mother's word is his law and he wants to abide by it no matter what his woman says to him.

When the hand that rocks 'his' cradle , rules your world, ladies you are in serious trouble. But few women, don't like to get into a relationship with men who are mama's boys.

The reason why some women don't like mama's boys is because of the simple reasons.

1.A relationship is about a man and a woman who are in love with each other. So problems do arise when there is a third person involved in the relationship. This person is usually 'his mother' who pokes her nose into everything and thus the relationship gets suffocating. So women don't like to be in a crowed relationship for this reason.

2.A mama's boy always does what his mummy tells him to do. When you are in a relationship, a woman will find this uncomfortable and hurtful. The worst thing is that his mother will take for granted that her every wish will be followed to the letter, thus this behaviour begins to disrupt your relationship.

3.Decision making in a relationship should be only between the couple and no one else. When parents get involved to make decisions for their married children, complications set in. No woman would like her husband's mother deciding what colour to get for their home or what bed sheets to buy.

4.The wife feels the second best in these types of relationships. The mothers needs seem to be more important and your supposed to understand. One mistake that mamas boys make is when they compare their wives to their mothers, especially the wife fairs poorly in cooking the husband's favourite meal.

5.When your in a relationship, it usually grows when the two of you share your deepest thoughts and feelings. But when his mother takes your place the relationship seems to fall apart. This can be extremely annoying and embarrassing when mummy dearest knows the intimate secrets that the couple shares.

6.If his mother yells at you there is justification to it. He seems to defend her all the time no matter what the topic might be. In these cases the relationship between the husband and wife dies out and the mother plays a major role and is more important.

Relationships like these have a bad result. Therefore, women don't want to be committed where his mother is in the limelight all the time. So they stay far from 'mama's boy.'

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