Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tips For You Before You Say 'I Do' !!!!

Tips For You Before You Say 'I Do' - marriage - man and woman getting married - bride and groom

Before you say 'I do'. There are three reasons you should know so that your marriage lasts longer.
When two people get married , there should be a purpose for the marriage, an aim!
You and your partner should be willing to sacrifice each one's individual desires for the outcome of your marriage commitment.

1.Communication between two partners is a vital aspect. There should be team work and cooperation when you are in a relationship. Before you get married you and your partner should create an understanding. You should both know how to solve problems when they arise. Solving problems together will bring you closer and make your love grow deeper. 'Effective communication' is an important key for a successful marriage.

2.When two people fall in love , it is a blessing. You should find out ways where you both can take to find pleasure with each other. Making love in a marriage binds the couple together and it is therefore healthy. It makes the bond you share deepen. You are both special gifts to one another. Kissing, hugging and cuddling each other are some of the greatest ideas of pleasure in a marriage.

3.Family responsibilities are an important part of a marriage. There will be a time when both, you and your partner would want to start a family. Family planning is essential and seems more organised, so both of you can be well prepared to teach your children right from wrong.

You will see that once you get married, these three steps will be vitally important for you. Marriage is a wonderful bond between two people, so enjoy the road of happiness.

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