Friday, January 11, 2013

Impress Your Girlfriend's Mother !!!

Impress Your Girlfriend's Mother-her-mom - mother in law

When two people are in love it is all rosy and cozy. The romance still feels new and energetic. But when you introduce parents to your loving relationship, it turns out to be a little dicey.

More than the man's parents, the woman in the relationship sure does face a difficult time. The girl's mother is very protective over her daughter and would want the best for her. Therefore, she will keep an eagle's watch on the man her daughter is dating.

This definitely will not be easy for the boyfriend, so to be in the good books of her mother, here are a few tips that would help you when you meet her mom.

Now we all know that women love flowers. Impress your girlfriend's mother by sending her a big bouquet of beautiful colored flowers. It is a classy way of showing respect to get in her good books by simply saying that you are lovable and awesome.

 Get to know her mum first and observe what she likes. Getting her a gift based on your observation is a plus point. It will surely surprise your girlfriend and leave an impression on her mother. Do not waste too much money on the gift as it will seem awkward.

This is the most important. Make time to talk to your girlfriend's mother. You can call her during the day and find out if she is doing fine and needs any assistance in any kind of work. This is also a relationship advice as it will help your relationship stronger with your partner.

4.Help Out
When you get together for a family dinner at your girlfriend's house, make it a point to step in and help around. This will really impress her mother. It is normal that her mommy will make you sit back in your seat, but do not be hesitant to get up and insist that you help.

It is essential that you compliment her mother now and again. The best way to compliment your girlfriend's mother is by telling her that she is a good cook. Is is said that the key to a man's heart is through his stomach and the key to any mother's heart is through her cooking. So make the best use of complimenting her to impress her.

6.Dress well
When ever you make the visit to your girlfriend's house, it is essential that you dress sophisticated. Leave behind those scruffy jeans and rave t shirts and wear on a simple yet elegant style. Keep in mind that your hair is well combed and shoes polished.

7. Advice
Now we all know that you are an intelligent wise human being. But, if you ask her mother for advice on any topic, I am sure she will have loads to guide you in the right path. She will more interest as she knows that her daughter lies in your heart. Simple things like asking her on ideas and tips related to what color you should paint your apartment or what should you wear for a party or meeting etc. Mothers love the feeling of being consulted.

These are the most simple tips that will help you to impress your girlfriend's mother and you sure will find a long way of happiness in a nice big family.

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