Friday, January 11, 2013

First Date Advice On What To Say ??!!

First Date Advice On What To Say

All set to go on a date with the girl you wanted to dine with. To make sure that your night is romantic and special, there are things a man should keep in mind.

When you date a beautiful and intelligent lady some things a man should never say to a woman. This will instantly put her off and leave a bad impression of you.

To make this date a night to remember, here are things that will help you to say to your date.

Be confident and keep your head held up high.

1. How are you
This is the first thing that you should ask your date. It shows that you are well mannered and respectable. It is also necessary to ask your date if he/she is comfortable.

2. Compliment each other
 it is important that you compliment your date. Do not overdo it as she will think that you are a flatterer. Tell her that she looks lovely tonight and that she has a radiant smile. It is important that when you compliment her, you have to be honest.

3. Get to know each other
Getting to know your date by asking him/her what she/he likes to do, what interests him/her and what is their past time. Show your date that you are interested in this meeting and that you are open to knowing him/her better.

4. Ask about your families
 This may be a too soon question to ask your date. But, if you do, it shows that you want to know more about the person and their family background.

5. Talk About common interests
This is the key to keep the night long. Find things that interest both of you. Stress on aspects that make you both laugh keeping the night alive and romantic.

These will definitely help you on your first date. Many lose their confidence when they get to the venue to meet their date.

Keeping a high level confidence and staying positive will make your night sail smooth.

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