Friday, January 11, 2013

Are You Struck By Law Of Attraction In love?

Are You Struck By Law Of Attraction In love - man hugging his girlfriend

According to scientists, love, is a result of chemical and hormonal changes and many others, tribute the hormonal changes to the laws of attraction. The world works under this laws, but when the question is of love, the laws change a bit. Love has to be different from the rest anyways.

Love is synonymous to attraction. It's strong attraction that binds two people together but have you ever wondered, why did you get attracted to one specific person in the presence of hundreds of others? The answer is always blur but lets answer it here today -

 Similarity to what you like. The perfume you like on boys, your favourite colour, your kind of music etc. Similarity gets a sense of togetherness and attachment. If two people share the same likes, you tend to like each other instantly. The likeness becomes your road to love .

2.Opposites Attract
 This is the most famous phrase. You may thing it contradicts the above point but the approach of this point of different. Here the difference is not in choices but as a person or in behaviour. A very composed person is often seen falling in love with a very vibrant person, or a person leading a elite lifestyle, falls in love with person from the general crowd. This is because the we try to fulfill what lacks in our life through the other person.

Each one of us dream of an ideal picture of ourselves. To see someone as perfect as you imagine yourself to be, is one of the strongest law of attraction in love. Being with that person inspires you to improve yourself and you see great potential for future. It may sound a bit selfish but that's how our gene's work.

4.Like Someone You Love
This law of attraction in love works perfectly for men. Men generally look for a girl who is similar to their mother. Men are always more close to their mother and for them she is the ideal example of femininity. Thus, a girl with similar characteristic is the right choice for life partner.

 Human touch plays a great role in playing games with heart. Touch is a sign of intimacy. But there are times when you don't like someone's touch and at times a touch is very comfortable, assuring and soothing. The later form of touch can get you really close to a person.

If these days you are noticing a special feeling for someone, then test yourself on these laws of attraction in love. If it works for you, then love is in the air.

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