Friday, January 11, 2013

Dating Tips For A Better Future !!!

Dating Tips For A Better Future

The first and foremost dating tip is to be very careful about what you say. You can never take back your words and if you have said it to a women, then there is not even the faintest possibility of it being forgotten. Thus, men should remember to be very careful when they say something to women and more so when they ask questions.

Keeping this in mind David DeAngelo, has written a list of 10 top dating tips in his book "Double Your Dating", to guide men on what they should never say to women. According to the author, it is better to be careful before you speak than regretting about what you said afterwards. Lets look at the dating tips.

1. Never ask for a kiss. Asking for a kiss, makes a man look like a boy and women like to be along with a man. Even if she is polite at your request, she might not mean it actually. Let the kiss happen naturally, in the course of time as the relationship grows.

2. Don't ask her whether she would like to go for a date. A women likes a man of authority and women also love surprises. Thus, you should just invite her and let it turn out to be the most memorable date. She would love the surprise and your by the end of the day you would have set a good impression.

3. Never boast of your richness or status. This never impresses a girl, rather bores her to the core. A women always respects a man, who is down to earth and modest. A modest man according to women are more reliable.

4. Never entitle her to make a plan. As mentioned earlier, girls love surprises. Make a plan for her and let it be exotic. This is your chance of proving how romantic and lovable you are.

5. Don't pester her by asking what she thinks of you. This really puts her off. If she likes you, she will surely drop cues and it's your caliber to understand them. Assume that she like you. If you are sure, it will make her sure.

6. Don't force her to answer calls or messages. She will accept you to do so but if you don't you will prove yourself to be a chilled out man and one who, has self-respect. Boys who prove themselves to be submissive, are not respected.

7. Don't ask about her past. She will tell you as she get comfortable. Asking her might put her off or make her feel insecure. This will also show your insecurity.

8. When one date is over, don't post a question about the next one. This will show you to be over excited. Be patient and let her wait for you to ask.

9. Avoid length conversation. Maintain the eagerness. It will keep your relationship exciting.

10. Be secured with her guy friends. Your insecurity will not be taken as care but as threat to her freedom.

These ten dating tips will ensure a good relationship further and also grow respect for each other.

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