Friday, January 11, 2013

Long Distance Relationship Tips !!!!

Long Distance Relationship Tips - lost a guy man love

You find yourself the perfect match. The world suddenly goes beautiful and you are enjoying the best days of your life. Both of you decide a future together and plan to work it out both financially and emotionally but then practicality strikes and your partners job demands him to shift base. This means now you have to live miles apart from each other and get into a long distance relationship.

Does it sound sad and depressing? It is sad but the general believe that distance relationship does not work, is a myth. It does work but you need to work it out. Long distance relationship needs mature care and handling. Lets look at how to make long distance relationship work-

1.Understand The Situation
 Don't be unreasonably against the idea. If it is going to do good to your relationship in the long run, then allow it to happen. Career is important even to the future of the relationship and thus, if it demands one of the partners to go to another place, allow it. Your unreasonable argument may bow the seed of friction in the relationship. It is difficult but you need to accept it, understanding the need of the hour.

2.Be Realistic Of The Duration
Be clear about the time duration for which both of you will be apart. This gives you a reassurance psychologically and also prevents building of false hope. The specification of duration lets you have a hope of when you will reunite again and this hope helps in keeping the relationship alive.

 Long distance relationship needs a lot more communication than when the couple is together. When suddenly there is a distance, communication is the only source of not letting the distance build barriers in the relationship. Communicate everything, your feeling about the distance, your day to day activity etc. Just the way you did when you were together. At a time when both partners are working, they need to schedule the time they can talk with each other. Jobs timings may not match, one of you may be in a high profile job which takes most of your time but still don't ignore communication. Silence in a relationship heralds the end of it.

4.Handle Doubts
 It's natural for doubt to creep in when distance prevails between partners. Doubt on the partners loyalty. Trust is the only way to handle it. A person drifts from the relationship only when he does not get what he expects or when things work mechanically. Trust that you belong to each other and no one can come in the way. You need to become the others habit, which he cannot do away with. You can become his habit only when you are the first person he can think of when he has something to say and he knows you will be there to hear it.

5.Maintain The Interest
 Don't let the spark die out. It's important that your relationship is interesting. Surprise visit, gifts, a romantic e card etc, can keep up the interest in the relationship. These may sound kiddish but they always work. It only helps conveying that the other is special to you.

6.Anger Management
When both the partners are together, anger can be melted with just a tear, a smile and a hug but when in a long distance relationship, anger needs a more diplomatic handling. When your partner is angry, it is best to keep your cool. Let all his anger pour out. When he is at his proper frame of mind, then put across your point. This will handle the situation, clear the misunderstanding and also let the storm pass by quickly without much harm.

7.Meet Each Other
Make sure you are meeting each other at intervals of two to three months. This will help you do the activities which you did at the time when you were together. The hope of the next meeting, will maintain the excitement and interest in the relationship.

8. Come To A Solution Soon
 Humans can take up a habit very soon. Don't let the distance become a habit. It is best that a couple does not stay away from each other for more that two years. They should settle down soon. When distance is there for a prolonged time then certain inevitable changes come in a relationship which is difficult to handle when once together again.

Don't let geographical distance create distance in your relationship. True love is a rare gift. Maintain it by following these eight points.

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