Sunday, November 11, 2012

Women Over 30: What You Must Not Say To Them?

Women Over 30- What You Must Not Say To Them - begging a woman

Women over 30 are in a peculiar position regarding their age and expectations from a relationship. While they cannot be experimental and carefree like the teens they are not as severe or wise as the 40 plus lady yet. So if you are dating older women of this age group it is important for you to know that most of them are not comfortable with their age. They have lost the vivacity of youth but they are not quite elderly yet so you cannot expect the composure of age in all.

Here are some of the things that women don't like to hear generally and if it is women over 30 then it is a recipe for disaster.

Women Over 30: What You Must Never Say To

1. You Don't Look 30 At All: 
First of all the modern day alpha woman will have a problem with fact that she is not supposed to look her age. Other than that it givers her an impression that 30 means old and that idea makes them panic. Moreover, you might come across as fake or even sarcastic if you make this comment. You may be genuine but it is just one of these things you have to avoid while dating older women.

2. Wine And Women Get Better With Age:
This chivalrous statement out of a 18th century novel might have worked well in it's age but in this age it will be murder. First of all you are comparing her to an edible substance; a feminists claws are already out. On top of that discourtesy you are reminding her of her age!

3. Thinking About Marriage Now?
Just because she is 30 does not mean she should already be planning to 'settle down'. It is like telling her that time is running out and you better hook on to the next guy she meet on the street or else she will be a miserable spinster! I mean how would you feel if someone told you, 'get married before your friend's daughter does'. If you are dating older women do not make them feel like their life is about to end.

4. Sagging Already?
You may say this in jest but to a woman over 30 it is like a slap on across the face. It is seriously time for men to learn that words hurt and they hurt real bad. Never comment of the physical changes that are bound to come about in a woman after she crosses 30 because one day you will face it too.

5. Aren't You Too Old For That: 
Women don't like to feel 'too old' for something. You have to understand that crossing 30 is more of a psychological that physical hurdle for women. On the surface there might be no change in her but her actions are being judged.

Use these relationship tips to understand women over 30 better.

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