Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Men Hate It When Women Cry?

Crying-women - Why Men Hate It When Women Cry

'And she just broke into tears, just like that...' that must have been a line repeated many times in every male conversations somewhere or the other across the world. Men just hate it when women break into tears almost anywhere and for any reason. Crying works for women of course but are you using your secret weapon's to earn the wrath of your man? May be you are using your trump card way too often.

We know that men hate it when women start crying. What we do not know is why they hate it so much. Here are some very funny but real reasons why men react the way they do.
Why Men Hate It When Women Cry?

1. They Have Pull Out Their Handkerchiefs:
What the hell, it becomes courtesy to offer her a handkerchief when she starts crying. She is not going to take out her own napkin to wipe her tears just like she never removes her own money from her wallet. Moreover, where do women have the place squeeze in handkerchiefs in their tiny purses that they carry these days. The torture is still not over, you will still have to watch them slobber all over your clean, crisp and white handkerchief. That actually makes you want to start crying, sniff, sniff..

2. Men Hate Being Helpless:
The thing is that when a woman starts crying it makes the man helpless. Men are not too good with handling the emotion of expressing helplessness so they react by getting angry. Actually you can hardly judge men for being helpless, crying for men is an alien emotion.

3. When She Cries She Slobbers Over You.
When a girl is crying away to glory the least that you can do is hug and comfort her. Not like men what to but pressure of male chivalry and societal norms forces them to. What happens next? The lady who you are actually doing a favour to slobbers all over your 4,000 grand suit! How ungrateful is that!

4. What A Public Embarrassment:
Men love creating a public spectacle by picking up street fights because it portrays them as macho and there is no need to express any emotions. But to be caught in public with a crying lady! What an embarrassment! It is 'scene' created in public because now everybody knows that he can be swayed by her tears.

5. Why Should We Always Be Manipulated: 
Valid point. Most of the times when women start a teary scene for minor issues, they are actually being manipulative. They know that if nothing else works, this will. Even if they are not trying to manipulate, to the man it comes across as man manipulation and sometimes they are just not ready to take it.

Use these relationship tips to understand why your man hates it when you cry and try to understand his side of the story too.

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