Sunday, November 11, 2012

Avoid These Questions On First Date!

Avoid These Questions On First Date

First date should be really impressive and filled with the right attitude. To impress your date, you wear the perfect dress, women try several makeup tricks to look perfect etcetera. You prepare mentally also to impress your date in the very first time! One lists down a number of questions to ask the date. These questions are just an attempt to know the person better. However, there are few bad questions which should never be asked on the first date. Which are these questions? Check out..

Questions to avoid on first date:

If I'm married? 
Never ask this question! Even avoid asking “Will you date me regardless of my commitment?” on your first date.

What about night out? 
This is just your first date. Don't run. Have patience. This question should never be asked on your first date. This can lower your impression and make you appear desperate.

What's your age? 
This is one question to avoid asking your lady on the first date! Women feel asking their age is disrespectful. So, avoid asking this question on your very first date!

What about family?
Try to know your date first and stop behaving desperate by asking especially about younger sister or elder brother!

Who was your ex?
Let the bygones be bygones. Instead of asking about your date's past and spoiling each other's mood, ask about his/her future plans!

Should I Pay?
Men should never ask this question to the lady on the date! Avoid this question completely. If your budget is limited, select a place where you both are comfortable and is affordable too!

These are few bad questions which you should never ask on your first date.

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