Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Men Like Women Without Makeup?

Why Men Like Women Without Makeup - ebony - black girl

Men attractions are mostly based on your appearance so make sure you understand that to get his attention. You got to keep it simple than decked up. Men attractions can be based on a lot of factors but to get him drool over you try the simple look than the made up look. Men adore the no make up look because your cosmetic beauty may hide your real personality. The person within you may get overshadowed by the fake colours all over your face.

Men fantasy is structured in a way that he loves beautiful things with attractive outlook. But to enhance your looks try adopting the simple beauty ideology, as it works most of the time than fake beautifiers which fade easily.

Why men attractions are towards the natural beauty?

Men attractions are usually towards the simple than the overdone beauty because that's what attracts him most. He would want you to have a skin which is made up less and eyes pale with no colors so that he could fill in his colors of love. Men love the real charm of a women which is natural than made up with beautifiers because he likes the women you are and want to adore your inner beauty. Remember the no make up look of 'Katrina kaif' in 'rajneeti' won her accolades for her simple look.

Men fantasy the deep eyes of a girl and he wants to admire your genuine features than the cosmetic layering which may ruin the natural beauty of your eyes and the originality of your face . His romantic ideas are based towards your natural features and just a mere smile can win his heart with no artificial ad dons to it.

Men love girls who are true to him, so if you think that fake lashes and enlarged lips can fetch you compliments then you may be wrong. He will like it when you let your natural eyes do the talking and the natural lip gloss give the perfect smile and your cheek bones enhanced with the color of his love.

Men fantasy girls who believe in themselves. For him to fall for you is more of a possibility when he knows what he is getting into. So when you are without a make up coat, you don't want him to think you are a nightmare. So believe in 'less is more' and fill the colors of love than the cosmetic colors.

Men love genuine girls because no make up can enhance your individuality.

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